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  1. I recently finished Marge Piercy's "Woman on the Edge of Time". It's been out for a looong time, but somehow I missed it in my devouring of feminist speculative fiction. But better late than never, yeah? :D
    It was intense and beautiful and I'll revisit it at some point.
    The thing about it that I want to talk about is the way the book talks about gender identity in the future. That future society uses person, per, pers as an inclusive gender pronoun for everyone. At first it felt a little awkward, but only for about 5 mins. haha! Then I fell madly in love with it.
    I am a full supporter of they/them or any other pronoun choices people have. I'm sometimes sloppy about remembering them, but getting better. I've been trying more and more to use they/them for everyone until or if they tell me different. (So many of us, including my old neural pathways, think we can tell someone's gender from their voice, appearance, etc. and it just ain't so). It's a new habit and been slow to change, but I'm working on it.
    I identify as gender fluid and have long considered using they/them pronouns, but for a few reasons it just hasn't felt right or stuck for me personally. I currently use they/she. "She" is not wrong, it's just not as right as "they". But again, "they" hasn't felt quite right either, but it's the closest thing I had found so far.
    I'm really in love with per/person/pers now. And I'm going to start using it as much as I can to see how it sits. I mean, I really really love how it feels when I think, I'm a person, that steak is pers, per is a wonderful human, etc. I can't even say why, but it's stuck with me since I finished the book months ago.
    For what it's worth then, those are my preferred pronouns: person/per/pers- and I'm going to practice using them in general when I'm talking about or with other people who haven't shared their pronoun preferences with me. It'll take some practice and I know it'll make me weirder, but it feels like a fun experiment. 😃
    I will not be offended if you still refer to me as they or she. ❤
    but if you want to play along, see how it feels for you, then please feel free. ❤ you are the persons I love. either way. haha!
  2. This is wonderful Silvanmist! Thank you. so much. What a great resource. What is "Nar Shad" a reference too? curious minds and all.
  3. This is a vegas attraction that I haven't been to and I wanna go this trip! https://themobmuseum.org/ Looks like general admission is $29.95 per person. They have some other options with one or two "interactive experiences" 0_0 that cost an addition $15-$20. Groups of 10 or more it drops to $19.95 per person. I also see that some groupon offers exist. There's also a speakeasy on site- The Underground, where you can immerse in a prohibition era type atmosphere and tour the old timey distillery. And eat and drink. It looks purdy. The Underground | The Mob Museum We could fit it in on Friday afternoon (depending on when y'all arrive), saturday late morning to early afternoon, sunday (if not going to the grand canyon) or Monday earlyish (depending on departure times. I'm planning to be in Vegas from Thursday the 17th to Tuesday the 22nd, so some flexibility on timing if others who want to go will be there on those dates too. If you're interested, chime in on this thread with possible available times. We have plenty of time to plan, of course. I will want to pin it down by december or early january at latest.
  4. Info Sheet for RoH Meetup Vegas 2022 (there's a word doc attached that you can download.) Dates February 18th to the 21st (Friday thru Monday) You must book all three nights to get the group rate. You’re welcome to book additional days at the same hotel but will pay the regular rate for any additional days. No matter where you stay, we’ll aim to have most of our guild wide events at or near The D. In essence, it’ll be our “headquarters”. The Hotel The D Hotel and Casino 301 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101 1.800.274.5825 The D Website Booking a Room @ Group Rate To book room(s) at the group rate, call 702-388-2274 or email reservations@thed.com (the group code won’t work for online booking). However you book, be sure to reference the group code DCRE21 or group name Remnants of Hope Gaming Guild to get the special rates. You must book by 1/18/22 to get the special rates. Room rates after this date will increase. Note: They will only reserve 15 rooms at a time for us. When those are booked, they’ll release another block of 15. Be aware that as time goes on, rates may increase. We’re only guaranteed the quoted rate for each block of 15 we request. The earlier you can book the better! Be sure to specify whether you want two queen beds or one king. We can get either, until they fill up. Cost The total for all three nights is $353.51. That’s for up to two person occupancy and includes the resort fee and the taxes. It's an extra $20 per night per person for 3 or 4 people in a room. This doesn’t apply to children, so there’s no extra fee to bring your kids. There's a $100 refundable security deposit required on check in day. They place a hold on your card and then release it as soon as you check out and they confirm that there’s been no damage, smoking, etc. in the room. The deposit required to make the reservation at the group rate is the first night plus tax, which comes to $100.57. We have a donation fund up and running to help with costs for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come. Details are still in the works. Please join the interest group (see below) to stay up to date. Cancellation Policy You can cancel up to 72 hours prior to arrival date to get your money back (the deposit you made when you booked). If you cancel beyond that, you forfeit your deposit. Important!!! Once You’ve Booked: Please use the link below to complete a form that lets us know you've booked your room(s). The hotel will only give us 15 rooms at a time and it takes a minute for us to request more. Our hope is to know asap when all 15 of the current block are full so we can request more right away. Group Hotel Block Reservation Tracking (google.com) Group Rate Booking Info.docx
  5. General place to share links for stuff to do in and around Vegas. This is the brainstorming zone. If you have a thing you know you'd like to do, please create a separate topic with relevant info and find others who want to do it too! Then as we get closer to the event, finalize details in your thread. Here's a few general links to lots of random things. Things to Do in Las Vegas | Vegas Events, Attractions, Concerts (visitlasvegas.com) 20 Things to Do Under $20 in Las Vegas | Vegas.com 70 Cheap Things to do in Vegas That You Will Love - That Texas Couple
  6. Day trip to the grand canyon! We'll have rental vehicles and car pool, plan ot have lunch somewhere there. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the meetup
  7. We will be finalizing where and when as things progress. The idea is to have as many of us in one place as possible at least once during the weekend. We will have food and beverages, and zoom stations for people who can't attend to pop in and say hello.
  8. until
    Our official RoH meetup in Vegas! Many people will be arriving early and staying later, but the core dates are the 18th to the 21st. See this calendar and specific topics and pinned messages for group rates, ride and room shares, and specific activities.
  9. This is the place to start planning the personal details of our dream Vegas experience with RoHers. Here you can post a thread if you're looking for a room share, rides, help with anything trip related, questions, connect with others who want to do the thing that you do too, etc. If you post a request or offer of assistance for room, ride, airline miles, etc.,, please mark it complete if you find the connection you need so others aren't still posting on your thread or having to scroll all the way through to see if it's still needed/available. By mid July, we will pin a post with all of the basic info we've compiled (dates, group rate hotel, etc) for you to refer to as needed. Look for this interest group and that info document to morph as we go. Note that there's also an RoH meetup channel in discord if you want to chat and stay informed! VEGASSS BAAAABYYYYYYY!!!! ("But the real skill points are the friends we make and meet along the way.")
  10. Happy Birthday!!  Hope it is amazing 

  11. @Nyyxx!!!!! Hi Nyx! I'll never forget bonding with you over Serenity in my very first movie watch after a guild meeting. lol <3 @QuietlyExisting Sooooo good. I finished the second and now have to wait for.ev.er. for number three. :) @vir'rizza ah yes, I know that spot. The lull. It's kinda sad until the next one comes along. <3 A good time to revisit old friends. :)
  12. The Name of the Wind series is one of my favorite so far. I'm waiting very impatiently on the third in the series. The Expanse is one of the best sci fi series in history, in my opinion. I always want more of that!!! I guess I'd like to get the final installment of Game of Thrones read at some point, but that's not looking to happen anytime soon. lol How about you @vir'rizza?
  13. I don't see a join button. I'm new to the website though and quite possibly confused. Is this group still active?
  14. I'm down! There's a forum for book lovers I think. I wonder if folks there would be interested. Oh wait...this is it, actually. Gods. derp. lol
  15. K'lon (person/per/pers)

    Triple D


    @Maximillion Phibes Wanna jump in on this one? Not sure what time zone you're in. I'm going to try it out. See if I can find some new ways to embarrass myself...
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