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  1. rain cloud /winter / logan need a pw reset she try she should be in ddiscord if you can help her she all so ask not to be purge lol thanks quisp

    1. K'lon (they/them)

      K'lon (they/them)

      I'll be on a little later and happy to help if I can. If she's on there now though, she could ask in general (eso or general general) for someone to help. I've got to head out in a few mins. 

      I forget who's in charge of the purge, she could let them know too. And even if she's purged, we can get her back in super easy. ❤️ 

      We got this! :)

  2. I could not agree more. Night Circus and Starless Sea are all time faves. Erin... can't remember her last name, so good. I love her writing. Also love Addie LaRue and Hail Mary. nom nom nom.
  3. I'm out for this one everyone. I'm not a big Paolini fan and I checked out some samples of this one and found I'm not into it for the same reasons I had before. I'll keep an eye out for when you're ready to start another one and jump in then. Have fun!
  4. Yes! She's also the voice of Lyris Titanborn in ESO !!!! I heard her voice first in Mass Effect (which I just finished another play through of a month or two ago). Very cool!
  5. Gotcha. In the first post it sounded like you were thinking of maybe reading a few chapters and then meeting to discuss, rinse repeat. I could do a monthly meeting. If it's more often than that, probably not. I'll go ahead and vote and then see how it goes.
  6. well, this is not an easy choice. Did we ever decide how often we plan to meet/reading pace? I'll vote, but I hate to use a vote if I won't be able to make the meetings or keep up with the reading anyway.
  7. omg! Meeeee tooooooo! We are the book people. My tribe. HUGS EVERYONE.
  8. (my reading list is getting longer!!! such a great problem to have.)
  9. Ancillary Justice looks good! I'm unfamiliar with the series and the author. Fun.
  10. I'm so in! Skaal and I and some other folx have read a few things together and discussed, but weren't using this forum. Happy to switch over to this platform. Is it open for any genre or are we talking mostly scifi and/or fantasy? I have a bunch waiting in my personal queue that it would be fun to read together. Also, how often are you intending to meet? @Caitbrooke@Caitbrooke I loooooooved Project Hail Mary! Andy Weir's writing in general. I will be in for scifi/fantasy and depending on speed of reading, frequency of meeting. Great idea folx!
  11. 2 rooms left at the group rate. If those get reserved, we can request another block. They won't be the same rate, but will likely be less expensive than regular room rate.
  12. Hello all! This was posted on the thread about the meetup to decide whether to keep the february dates or reschedule, but I wanted to put them in a separate thread so we can find it more easily. Context: we circulated a survey and held some meetings to ask about masks and vaccines, whether to reschedule or keep to the original plan. After a lot of discussion, it was decided to keep the original dates (feb 18th -21st, 2022) and add some requirements to help lower the risks for people who are the most vulnerable and therefore the most concerned about exposure to contagions. Below is the post on the topic from November. Note: originally we had hoped to have an "official RoH" event on friday, saturday and sunday, but have not had people able to organize anything on Friday and Saturday (and the cirque du soleil event is now scheduled for Friday anyway). So Saturday gathering at the RoH suite at The D (hosted by Skaal!) is the only official RoH event that the requirements below apply to as of now anyway. Posted November 5, 2021 Based on the results of our meetings and the survey results, it's been decided to go ahead with the scheduled dates! For the "official" RoH events (so far only a gathering on Saturday- subject to change) masks and proof of COVID vaccines will be required. This is only for the sponsored/organized RoH events. What people want to negotiate with others for personal get togethers is up to you. We decided this would be the best way to have some time that respects the needs of members who are the most concerned about exposure for any reason and feel that masks and vaccinations will help them to feel less at risk so they can enjoy the get together.
  13. Hi all! Time to start thinking about a time seems like. Saturday late afternoon/evening is the RoH guild party at The D. Friday night is Cirque du Soleil. Not sure if people are going to the Grand Canyon on Sunday or not- so that might present a conflict. Some options then: 1) Saturday before the guild party in the afternoon 2) Sunday anytime if Grand Canyon doesn't happen (or no one wants to do both) 3) I'm arriving on Thursday and leaving Tuesday, so we could go Friday or Monday if others are going to be there. I'm leaning toward Saturday day, so we don't rule out anyone joining who doesn't know they are yet. That leaves it open for the most people to be spontaneous and still do all the other stuff. let me know what you think!
  14. @Eisen Wor'sha Meeee tooooo! I ended up getting a coffee cup too. Like I need another coffee cup. But couldn't resist! The blue on the black looks amazing.
  15. Scya had generously designed a graphic for us for this meetup and is offering it at cost! Order soon so you have your tee in time for Vegas! (This is a cool design, even if you aren't coming to Vegas. RoH! <3) "Ok you can now order Remnants of Hope swag! If you need other options please let me know as I have to set them up custom. Order here: https://codexpins.com/product-category/remnants-of-hope/ This is my site for mech, just re-using it for RoH stuff) Please note I have the profit margin set to 0% The money just goes to the printer. Your order goes directly to the printer and they will ship it to you but note I will see your personal address (since it's my site.) Your address not shared w any other guild mates tho. Sizes for the basic tshirt (at the bottom) is S-5XL. You can also choose from the colors shown. There's also tote, buttons, mugs, stickers, if you happen to want em! Note shipping is often not combined between products. If you wanted to CUSTOM MAKE or get a CUSTOM SIZE somewhere else, here is the GRAHPIC FILES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K0BuZBjmm_X4j4M3X6w8t7R8R4b5Mnte?usp=sharing Just bring them or forward them by email to a tshirt printer!" See the design and examples of items below.

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