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  1. Happy Birthday!!  Hope it is amazing 

  2. @Nyyxx!!!!! Hi Nyx! I'll never forget bonding with you over Serenity in my very first movie watch after a guild meeting. lol <3 @QuietlyExisting Sooooo good. I finished the second and now have to wait for.ev.er. for number three. :) @vir'rizza ah yes, I know that spot. The lull. It's kinda sad until the next one comes along. <3 A good time to revisit old friends. :)
  3. The Name of the Wind series is one of my favorite so far. I'm waiting very impatiently on the third in the series. The Expanse is one of the best sci fi series in history, in my opinion. I always want more of that!!! I guess I'd like to get the final installment of Game of Thrones read at some point, but that's not looking to happen anytime soon. lol How about you @vir'rizza?
  4. I don't see a join button. I'm new to the website though and quite possibly confused. Is this group still active?
  5. I'm down! There's a forum for book lovers I think. I wonder if folks there would be interested. Oh wait...this is it, actually. Gods. derp. lol
  6. K'lon

    Triple D


    @Maximillion Phibes Wanna jump in on this one? Not sure what time zone you're in. I'm going to try it out. See if I can find some new ways to embarrass myself...
  7. K'lon

    [ESO] Story RP


    @Dbourb I'm new and wondered too. Went looking for more info and here's what I found... There's more info at the post below. It says : Hello RPr's, if you would like to get involved in RP and get notifications please respond below to be added to the list. We meet on Thursday's at 9 pm EST and Saturday at 11pm EST for social RP, which is a chance for characters to interact and get to know each other better. If you have any questions please reach out to @Icy the department officer, @RhemaTom, @CheekyMonkey66 or @Kammus If you're interested in RP and would like to know more, check out this post: Hope that's helpful! I may see you there tonight.
  8. K'lon

    Dungeon Mayhem


    I'm in! Can I join later? I might be working through the beginning. I'm with @ddm1954- how do we join the lobby @Calypso589?