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  1. Have a very happy birthday!! :) 


    cat video GIF

    1. Elisel


      Happy Birthday!

  2. Lim

    WvW Comp Training

    Official training time for WvW Comp group. Will go over positioning, classes, rotations, support for group play etc. As well as run around capping stuff and training for fights. Please show up on your selected class each week for this as we aim to improve, adapt, and overcome any obstacles.
  3. Outside of events I’m leading I won’t be around as much for the rest of the month most likely. I’m taking on a lot of extra work from my job so my priorities have slightly shifted for the time being. 

    1. Princess


      Thank you for the heads up! Real life definitely comes first. I hope everything goes well with work!

  4. Lim


    Hello, sorry for the delay in response.. been a hectic few days here, the form we had people filling out was the “spreadsheet”, we’re working on filling a comp sheet out still and will release it soon to the public. Please stay tuned for this.
  5. Please See Below Attached links to WvW Content posts. (updated as we post) 1. Road Map: 2. Builds by @Kaii : 3. Training day #1 (ARCHIVE): 4. Core Comp class sheet and layout: 5. Claiming Etiquette: 6. Comp Sign up sheet (openings):
  6. Lim

    GW2 Tangled Depths Meta


  7. Personal Thread to plug my current and previous works, slight downgrade atm due to my encoder being outdated (working on fixing that now, so don't think this is 'quality')





  8. What's everyone's favorite fractal? Mine's shattered observatory. Bet ya didn't see that one coming at all