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    Gaming, Mountain Biking and Woodworking

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    Redheartwolf, Timith, Christian Redheart, Christian Finis, Tabitha Firecracker, ChisityKay, KirstinKay, Gwendolin Shasta, Merida Donbach, Shasta Brea
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  1. Happy Birthday Christian!  

    Star Wars Birthday Memes | WishesGreeting

    1. Christian Redheart

      Christian Redheart

      Thank you, a good day it was

  2. until

    I will Heal as well please
  3. until

    So sorry @Aedi Lanigiro but I wont be able to make tonight's raid.
  4. until

    Healing please
  5. until

    I am sorry but I will need to drop tonight. Was just informed I have to work a 12 shift.
  6. until

    Heals if good enough as i have not done this so I have no knowledge
  7. NEEBS GAMING IS AWESOME!!! I love their videos. If you love gaming, check out their youtube channel.
  8. The only problem I see, we really don't have enough players playing on Scorched do we?
  9. Did Tallon succumb to hypothermia? Was Tel able to make it back with the pelts to keep them warm?
  10. I have a plan....it consists of building a trap and milking them solo. I plan to hatch mine on Saturday.
  11. This is where I have been spending my time as of late. Its way harder then the normal maps, lots more predators, but it is fun!!. The Scorched Earth server is also set up to interact with the Center server, this means you can travel between the two maps. Not dinos, just your character and your items you hold. But, eggs have been smuggled lol.
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