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  1. What kind of beats are you into?  I just saw your RL pics and the headphones.

    1. overdosedghost


      I don't even know anymore. I used to big into hip-hop (stuff by producers like: DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Blockhead, Alchemist, Nujabes, Dre, Flying Lotus, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Kanye, and other more composition based beatmakers), and although I do still enjoy today's new stuff I liked a lot more lyrical rap than is normally put out now.

      I really enjoy a tech/funk/house label called Dirtybird and their sister label This Ain't Bristol because of the wonky sounds and easy listening.

      I also like some weird stuff like Purity Ring, Aurora, Daughter and other artists with talented female vocalists over whimsical and pretty soundscapes.

      I listen to a lot of other stuff as well, but besides things like the stuff Damon Albarn and Thom Yorke come up with nothing seems to stick as of late.

      In actuality my music taste is rather fickle and my reference list is a bit subpar for someone who's worked on a lot of music in their own life. Everything I listen to in my free time is more of a guilty pleasure than stuff that other people usually enjoy because it's too girly or has a weird niche so the frequencies are really off-putting. I have terrible hearing in my left ear so what I like sounds awful to others, and I like melancholy or somber tones more than anything else.

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