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  1. I occasionally draw some things, weird or not weird, so here they are!
  2. CJ is currently at my island. If anyone wants to come visit the dodo code is B26PJ. Also I will go afk in about half an hour due to painting my room but I will leave my gate open.
  3. So, I'm creating yet another topic for this interest group. I thought that maybe if we had a special visitor come visit our island we may want to share it here so other people in our guild could come and use that visitor to sell/buy items. I also feel like this would be a good place if we have a good turnip price to share it here.
  4. So I took a bunch of pictures while I was at Walt Disney World last January so I decided to put some pictures here. I took probably more then necessary but it was with my school so I had to do a scrapbook when I got back.
  5. Alright so this is like a year late but I started playing Kingdom hearts before the quarantine (Haven't played it very much since because my dad is playing it most of the time. I think he finally beat the game though.. but he's still on the ps4 a bunch) and am currently on the Toy Story world... it's been a while so I don't remember the name and now I'm annoyed at myself… but I'm enjoying the game either way!
  6. Laptop Issues: So last night my laptop decided to start crashing a lot to the point that it became hard to do anything. My dad has tried to fix it and it hasn't crashes yet but I've only been on it for like 15 minutes and also have my laptop on one of those tv tray things so that way I don't move my laptop around to much which is what seemed to cause the crashing. Now I hope that it is fixed. I will try to play some later today and just see what happens

  7. So. In the game there's many way to trade/give away items. I decided it would be a good idea to make a topic where we can post things we may want to trade or give to other people in our awesome guild. To actually do the trading I would send the person who you are trading with the dodo code for your island in pm so that way not everyone can come to your island... not that anyone else would if you ask them to not come but still... PRECAUTIONS!!!
  8. BOTW is always amazing, I sadly don't have it on the switch though (hoping to get it soon) just on the WiiU. I personally really like Splatoon 2.
  9. Alright. So umm... I've decide to be stupid and wait till the last minute to do my last event and kinda haven't done it and don't know what I could do to get that last event so I think I'll have to do my application over again. Ack why am I so stupid?!?!? If any member sees this and maybe wants to do some flashpoints or stories with me so I can get it I will gladly say yes. My deadline is tomorrow though sooo...