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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope you had a FAB day!



  3. I liked to break my island into sections, and then pick an item to base my theme around! For example, I used the wooden stall DIY to make a little seaside market! I decorated each stall with a different collection of items (fish, bugs, clothing). The section I liked the most was this open-air hot springs on the upper part of my island inspired by real-life Japanese onsens. I made thin 1-block width rivers to look like tiny waterfalls flowing around my hot spring items. In terms of terraforming, I didn't do too much beyond evening out some areas and a big project where I put my museum at the top-most level and had nice stairs leading up to it! I also moved all my villagers homes to one area and made a little "neighborhood" connected by paths! Some other popular ideas I've seen people make include: Cafes, restaurants, beach parties and playgrounds! You can find a lot of great ideas by searching ups "ACNH island decorating ideas" I hope this has given you some ideas! I hope you share what you create as well, I'd love to see what you come up with!
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      woods (they/them)

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