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    SciFi and Fantasy both movies, books games and other forms. Amatuer 3D modeler (Blender etc) and Miniture/Plastic models builder/painter.
    Programming and Gaming, rather quest and RP than fighting.

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  1. AH, in my best finary... no way the ladies of Tamriel can resist me now...
  2. So the day finished with me softening at the local inn, sipping on a glass of their best red and some sweetrolls. Next time I think I will take a bath and shift into something more comfortable, the ladies of the establishment wouldn't come near me... might have been some reasons for that... bah...
  3. I found myself in a small village where pirates ruled the day, so I cleverly disguised myself as one of them and so found most of them without having to fight, stealht, misdirection and pure cockyness was my middlenames... Larissa found it less amusing, and the evil pirate queen even less so...
  4. So naturally, I mounted my trustee horse Brownie and started looking for the lost ones... it was hot, but the seabreeze helped...
  5. Met up with a fe unsavory people, a captain who wanted me to find some companions of her and set forth on s little heist. I set forth on that mission and have gotten most of them at this time, Still miss some Elf with a lot of knowledge of Dremer secrets... apparently he out in the desert somewhere...
  6. I was resting down in a place of disrepute, minding my own business, trying to avoid the pleading looks from Quen and the more mancing looks from a leathal looking lady over in the corner that seems to have her eyes on me all along, who can blame her... I decided that I been long enough here and took a trip over to Stros M'Kai to see what they might have in the way of entertainment...
  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Dhurgan Ironfist

      Dhurgan Ironfist

      Many thanks Lady Elisel, your blessings are most welcome.


  8. After many years in the Imperial Army, Dhurgan decided to retire and travel around Tamriel to see the sites. Growing a bit of a belly and losing a bit of hair, or maybe he just grow a bit to tall for it to grow up there... anyways, he is traveling and seems to stumble into the most peculiar adventures on his journey to taste the various food and especially wines, beer and other spirits around Tamriel. At 56 years of age, he is maybe not as quick as he used to, but he can still play a mean flute...
  9. Awesome avatar. lol :)

    1. Dhurgan Ironfist

      Dhurgan Ironfist

      It was a fun movie :)



  10. Don't forget to sign our CoC!

  11. I assume it's ok to use an avatar of my manly wizard, if not I will have to show my real face ;)