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  1. Hey, friend! Could you put together a raid progression post for Antorus like you did with ToS?!?! PWEEEEEZE!?!?

    1. Saal


      Yep! I've set aside time to do it this weekend, but I will do it sooner if I have the time.

    2. Sionis
  2. Finally got my Lock to 110! Now I just gotta resist the urge to faction swap him until I can level another Hordie. lol

  3. Finally! A Kylo Ren Theory that I my inner fanboy can live with.


  4. The next time I get added to a PM with half the guild on it I've leaving it asap. My inbox is STILL getting blown up from the backlog of notifications.

    1. Stargirl


      yeah my dad was yelling at me all night last night and this morning bc the phone email thing kept beeping and he thought it was from work xD

  5. The market for mid-range GPU's has inflated like the market is about to collapse.

    In February/March timeframe:

    • GTX 1060 6 GB cards were selling for ~$250-$400.
    • GTX 1070 8 GB cards were selling for ~$350-$450.
    • GTX 1080 8 GB cards were selling for ~$600-$800.


    • GTX 1060 6 GB cards are selling for ~$300-$800
    • GTX 1070 8 GB cards are selling for ~$500-$900
    • GTX 1080 8 GB cards are selling for ~$550-$1000


    I read up on a few forums and reddit, and I guess a lot of the 1060's and RX 480/580's got bought up by "miners" (data miners?) . This reduced the supply for those mid-range cards so now people are paying more for them. This has made it easier to inflate the higher tiers too, such as the 1070's and 1080's.


    Here's to hoping that I'll be able to buy a new graphics card by Christmas. :BLAZER:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Saal


      Possibly. I somewhat anticipate Black Friday/Cyber Monday being the main catalyst for reasonable pricing, but we'll see.

    3. Saal


      Soooo, I complain about this and then I get an email from EVGA that the card I want is now available for $269.  :P




      I was completely irresponsible and just bought it on credit b/c of my experiences in February. lol

    4. Saal


      FYI, I'll be paying this off half now and half later, so I guess not completely irresponsible but close to it. :P

  6. Suramar can go die in a fire.  :COLERE:

  7. Finally won the Last Person to Post thread... It only took me 3 threads and 4 years to do it. :P 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Saal


      lol I will forever be remembered as "that one guy who was really super proud to win the Last Person to Post thread" :P

    3. Tallon


      But you will be remembered because damn that is alot of posts and diligence.  lol

    4. Nytelock
  8. Happy Birthday, man! Hope you're still doing well.

  9. Happy birthday Saal! Hope it was as fabulous as you are! 

  10. Oh shit.. hope i didn't miss it.  Happy birthday my favorite gay buddy. :D

  11. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!!

    1. Stargirl


      Yay happy birthday i hope you have the best day ever!

  12. Happy birthday! :D

Congratulations to Siscia, Vil, Nightmare, & Shellflare on being the chosen Members of the Month for March 2018 for their primary divisions!

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