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  1. Saal

    RoH Karaoke!

    I remember people doing both. I think whatever makes you more comfortable will be fine! Y'all I am so stoked for this!!
  2. Saal

    RoH Karaoke!

    Looking forward to this, but will probably be late as I won't get home from work until 8 or 8:30 EST.
  3. until

    This sounds great - I wish I could make it tonight! Unfortunately, I already have plans with my boo tonight to go see the Nutcracker; our first time, ever! However, I should be on tomorrow if anyone is around and wants to run something then.
  4. until

    I'm still a bit undergeared for this, I think, but if y'all end up needing an 8th anyway I am available.
  5. until

    Sorry, I only have DPS gear atm, because I thought that would give me a higher chance of getting me into a raid. lol Unless there's some kind of bolster mechanic? my healer gear is about 2 xpacs out of date.
  6. until

    @Sayuri Thanks for tagging me but I got family in town this weekend, sorry! Please think of me next time, though!
  7. I'm good for anything, but haven't played in ages. I just re-installed the game and started flying around a bit. Anytime Sat or Sun afternoon (MDT time) would be good for me.
  8. Hey Y'all! I thought it could be good to share addons that we're using and where we got them, since that info seems pretty scattered right now. I've been getting most of mine from and am using the following, so far: ZPerl (player/party frame mod that can also be used to show XP & rep progress) Bartender4 DeadlyBossMods Details Damage Meter OneBag (combines all bags into one) GatherMate2 Auctionator (makes it easy to sell/buy items from the AH) And it should be noted that addons downloaded from here will download as a zip file which must then be extracted to the Classic_/Interface/Addons directory for the addon to take effect. Here's how the general UI looks with everything showing: And here it is with unused action bars and bags hidden: Anywho, I hope this helps! I can't wait to see what kinds of setups other people are running while I'm still figuring out what I want to use. Actually, come to think of it, I'd love to know if anyone has a reliable threat meter or something that lets you see the actual HP of your target instead of just a %.
  9. When I signed in tonight around 8pm EDT / 6pm MDT, Grobbulus queue was 15k deep and 300+ minutes. Meanwhile, the Bloodsail queue was just under 3k deep and 120 mins. So I re-rolled to Deviate Delight and was actually able to log in and play tonight, so I'll most likely be sticking here for a while. I rolled Horde on both Grob and DD, but intend to primarily play Alliance on Bloodsail with just a Horde alt or two. Anyone else playing Horde on DD by chance?
  10. So I just bought Vermintide 1 on Steam for stupidly cheap this weekend am busy playing through it all now. Since I always focus on story very heavily whenever I play games, I decided to lookup a guide to let me play through both Vermintide games (plus DLC) to get the full story of what's happening in chronological order, and it's actually been really really cool. I've listed it out the mission order below in case anyone else wants to do the same. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Act 1 The Horn of Magnus Supply and Demand Smugglers Run The Wizards Tower Act 2 Black Powder Engines of War Man the Ramparts Garden of Morr Wheat and Chaff Act 3 The Enemy Below Well Watch Waterfront The White Rat DLC: Drachenfels Castle Drachenfels The Dungeons Summoner's Peak DLC: Karak Azgaraz Khazid Kro The Cursed Rune Chain of Fire DLC: Stromdorf The Courier Reaching Out DLC: Death on the Reik Reikwald Forrest River Reik Last Stand Town Meeting The Fall (Schluesselschloss) Finale Waylaid Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Act 1 Righteous Stand Convocation of Decay Hunger in the Dark Halescourge Act 2 Athel Yenlui The Screaming Bell Fort Brachsenbrücke Into the Nest Act 3 Against the Grain Empire in Flames Festering Ground The War Camp Finale The Skittergate DLC: Shadows over Bögenhafen The Pit The Blightreaper DLC: Back to Ubersreik The Horn of Magnus Garden of Morr Engines of War Hopefully this helps you enjoy the games a bit more, especially if you weren't sure on the mission order in V1.
  11. Happy Birthday Saal!

    I know its not the best present, but all I can give is that I am back from training!


    Aim High.. Fly.. Fight.. Win


  12. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @Saal!

  13. Happy Birthday Saal!