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  1. From what I have seen. New World's biggest strength is its ambition - Amazon wants to make its first game a sandbox that's built by players, for players, without much intervention. But can players craft their own fun alongside everything else? Pros: Ambitious sandbox world, Unique social experiment, Crafting gets better over time, PVP is amazing and the skills are cool. Cons: World isn’t unique enough, Already feels a bit dated, Slow Movement/Combat, Skills cool down are not tied to weapons so if you weapon swap they are on cool down already. Lack of content. What are your guys thoughts on this, would love to hear it!!!!
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    @RaVem Hey just send lim a pm on either the forums or discord saying you are interested. Give us your top 3 clases you like to play, and we can build around that. Training went really well, mostly went over a ton of information. Yes! I will be looking to record future training sessions to post here.
  3. Suh dudes. If you had signed up on Lims amazing google doc spreadsheet. Please try to come to the WvWvW training camp tomorrow at 3PM EST. We will be going over progression class structures and compositions. Thanks cuties. uwu.
  4. Hi Guys! The pvp team is looking to host a World vs World training session. @Lim @funBox @battleshield. What this will include is focusing on learning movement, WvW phrases, bubble drops and how to maximize your damage against players when we push. If you wish to join please sign up here. I am looking to host this Sunday June 14th at 3PM EST. This will run for approximately 1 hour, just to go over basics. Right after my event funbox will be hosting some spvp for us to go have some fun!