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  1. 2 hours ago, Ezoura said:

    I make my husband go to the gas station and buy my ice cream 😂


    Also, make your Discord! There are several Discord servers of ROH members that I know of who are just joined together by similar interests.

    HAHA!! That's so perfect, he goes to the gas station and so do I!!! 🤣
    The gas station around me is actually REALLY good believe it or not, they sell a lot of great stuff, hot food too like quesadilla's and clubs in their kitchen area they've got!
    They are open 24 hours a day which is really quite wonderful, I think I've been there all hours of the day!!
    What kind of Ice Cream do you like???  Omg I love so much it's crazy, we actually have some cookies and cream ice cream I might get XD

    And thanks Ezoura, I'm going to make this Discord Server now ^-^ Want to join? :D
    This Discord Server is definitely going to be awesome!!! We get to encourage each other and set challenges for each other and stuff like that :3
    It's going to be a lovely bunch of people ❤️

    I'll send another post mentioning everyone that's interested when I've set it up, possibly by tomorrow afternoon.


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  2. 3 minutes ago, Umbrawolf said:

    Getting in shape is like rolling  a boulder.  The first few steps are the hardest but once you get momentum, it's easier and easier.

    Very well said, I like this post a lot. I just need to figure out what I want to do on a daily basis at home. I’ve never been to a gym before and don’t think I will in the next few months if things get better. I may just walk up and down the street everyday and build up more momentum and stamina

  3. 14 minutes ago, Galakros said:

    Also you make a discord. If they get mad I told you too 😛

    Hahaha alright cool I’ll get to work on that later tonight then after I’m off work ^~^

    And I just got your other post! Yes your physical and mental is definitely important!!!

    im going to make a server for all of us and invite anymore people that may want to join!!!!

    If I need a private buddy to contact with down the road, I’ll let you guys know :)

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  4. 6 hours ago, Galakros said:

    I am bored at work I could of just said hell yeah I'm in! 😛

    Hell yeah! I really loved your first post!!

    4 hours ago, Merredith said:


    I am on my own adventure in changing my life. I would love to contribute to this. What about creating an RoH discord server for this group? Would that appeal to you?

    It's appealing, but at the same time, my social anxiety just prefers 1 on 1 chats with a person rather than a group!
    I feel like that getting more attention from just one person is better for me than a group, because most times, in the past, people ignored me XD Not ROH!!! Never ROH, you guys are amazing. I'm talking about years back in other guilds/places.
    But yes!!! I can try this group thing again, because I'm loving that everyone likes my post and wants to do this :3

    1 hour ago, Ezoura said:

    I’ll join in! I need motivation and encouragement. My biggest downfall is being a night snacker. (Maybe my beer drinking too but I’m not letting that go 😅)


    I work a physically exhausting job and have no will power to do anything else afterwards or even before since I have to clock in by 7:30am. 

    Happy you want to join in as well!!!
    I need motivation and encouragement as well!!!
    I'm a late night eater, I go somewhere to buy food and chow down on a lot of calories :( It's like my dinner at 12am+ because I don't really like eating where I work.
    I'm trying to figure something out though!

    @Martini @Galakros @Merredith
    Shall I make an Fitness Discord Server for us?
    Or are we tying this to ROH and somebody else higher up are the ones with the rights to make a discord server :)

  5. 13 hours ago, RedVox said:

    Ahh I'd love to!! I'm trying to do the same myself!

    Let's do it then, RedVox!! Nice to meet you :) Just let me know when you'd like to message each other on Discord!
    But also, Martini thought of another great idea! A Private Group Chat ❤️ 

    6 hours ago, Martini said:

    I also like this idea! I'm trying to get back into running and I could definitely use some help haha. Hey @Galakros you interested?


    We could even make a Discord private group chat. :D

    Yayyy glad I caught some attention!! Would really love this thing to happen so I can be more motivated everyday ❤️ 
    We could definitely help each other out and I LOVE your idea of opening a Discord Private Group Chat! Let's not overwhelm the group chat with many people!!
    My original idea was just a 1-1 motivation buddy to help each other out (And especially help me out since social anxiety and all with groups xD), but a couple people in the group chat will do just fine ❤️ 

    6 hours ago, Galakros said:

    Working out is definitely harder mentally than physically. I'm down. No matter how bad you feel just do it. Once you get used to working out everyday you start to love the way it makes you feel. You just feel better after a hard workout. I don't have a ton of free time either. If you run as much as you can in an hour, keeping that heart rate high you will burn a ton of calories and feel great afterwards. 


    I want to add this you may think you can't run too out of shape joint problems etc. This is hard to accept you might just be mentally weak its hard to overcome but if you can you will be amazed at what you can do. Now if physically you can't run that long biking is way easier on the joints. Biking can be a extremely high intensity work out you have to push yourself mentally though. 


    When you 1st start exercising you will be super sore for at least 4 days but just push yourself exercise everyday even when your sore. You will stop getting sore if you stick to it. 


    I will say there are easier ways to get in shape I try to toughen my mind and body at same time.  So this may be a bit too brutal for some people. It works though. I went from a chunky kid to pretty good athlete to chunky and back to athlete and this is how I was taught and its worked extremely fast for me. 

    Really loved this post a lot Galakros, thanks a lot. My mother keeps telling me that (And since I'm so out of shape, joints hurt, chunky etc.) it's good to rest my body after only exercising 3-4 days per week and rest a couple days afterwards and just keep building up like that.  Do you think that's good? I'm overweight, not fat but chubby, need to lose like 63 pounds. Really need to work more on the legs, upper body joints can hurt from time to time as well.

    Just really want to get rid of it all!!! So I made this post hoping to find motivational buddies and happy I caught some of yall's attention :) 

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  6. Would anyone care to be motivation buddies?
    Encourage each other everyday, "you can do it!!", maybe even set a challenge for each other to complete per day, and other motivational stuff?
    I honestly cannot do this alone, I keep trying to and just get bored right off the bat.

    I think the only 2 good things currently happening is that I drink A LOT of water, I love water now, especially with the water enhancers, kroger brand!! Look that up!! "Water Enhancers Kroger band" I think that's healthy and perfectly fine to drink.

    Nonetheless, I've been drinking lots and lots and lots of water, with or without the water enhancer.
    Okay, that's my 1st thing. 2nd thing is that a couple nights a week, things get busy at work and I'm up and walking around a lot so that counts a lot towards my steps. Maybe I should get an app or something to help keep track! Any recommendations?

    Let's exercise together, encourage each other to do some push ups, walking in the afternoon/morning before work, etc.
    I think we'd both have to have Discord on mobile and private message each other to act as like sort of texting on each others phones!!


    So, who wants to be motivation buddies over Discord Private messaging? Anyone and everyone!!
    Or, am I just being silly with this idea of mine XD Or, if this post is even allowed!!! O,O

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