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  1. until

    i can bring a mdps or rdps
  2. aj85

    Mastermode Flashpoints


    ive got mdps
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. aj85


      thank you! :D

  4. aj85

    MasterMode Friday Night 6-8pm est

    ended up boosting a sentinel so i can come along for the fun as a pub, just gotta work on getting its ilvl up a bit
  5. aj85

    MasterMode Friday Night 6-8pm est

    i can bring along jugg dps unless you're doin pub side.
  6. until

    ive got an mdps i could bring or possibly a tank if i get it finished. currently i havent decided on a range dps/heal to lvl yet
  7. until

    If i can hit 300 by raid i would gladly bring an mdps. im sitting at around 290 atm