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  1. Helloes everyone! I wanted to start a new topic for this, to try to organize a date to maybe go watch the O show in Cirque du Soleil! If anyone else is interested, let me know... I was checking some prices on the official page, and prices range from 80 to over 300 dollars per person. https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/usa/las-vegas/shows This is the page where I was looking. Since I am coming from South America, I will be staying with a friend for a whole week instead of JUST the long weekend, so let me know as well if u want to go on a week day instead of the weekend Hope to see you there!!
  2. Happy Birthday @Vale_0785 - you have been such a joy to play with - super glad you joined us in ESO and look forward to many more fashionably creative moments with you as we kill all the things while looking fantastic.

  3. HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Love ya my stationary and ESO sister, have a FABULOUS DAY!

  4. Oh haiii ! Just joined this group (cause tbh I had been lazy, but I just got a new Kindle so now I have NO excuse not to read ) Was gonna ask, cause I couldn't find it on the forum (maybe I didn't scroll down enough or something)... Is the Book of the Month still happening? And if sooooo.... What's the book going to be for May?? It would be a good idea to bring it back up, no? Oh well, If you wanna add me on Goodreads, that I see a lot of people use, you can add me here: https://www.goodreads.com/friend/i?feature=friend-invite-url&invite_token=YzQzNjJkNmItMDE4ZC00NjI0LTg4NzEtNWI4ODUzZTFjODIw Happy reading!
  5. Omg Kittyyyyy!! I didnt know it was ur bday yesterday!!! Hope u had a blast and happy late bday!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎈🎂💖

    1. Kitty Chelle (She/Her)

      Kitty Chelle (She/Her)

      Thank you Vale.  I had a good day 


  6. Hey, @Vale_0785.  I'm Eisen, a recruitment assistant for our ESO division.  Please sign our CoC in our Rules and Regulations forum and you should be set!

    1. Vale_0785


      Ohhhh ty! I had forgotten to do that!

      All set now! 😎

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