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  1. Oh haiii ! Just joined this group (cause tbh I had been lazy, but I just got a new Kindle so now I have NO excuse not to read ) Was gonna ask, cause I couldn't find it on the forum (maybe I didn't scroll down enough or something)... Is the Book of the Month still happening? And if sooooo.... What's the book going to be for May?? It would be a good idea to bring it back up, no? Oh well, If you wanna add me on Goodreads, that I see a lot of people use, you can add me here: Happy reading!
  2. Omg Kittyyyyy!! I didnt know it was ur bday yesterday!!! Hope u had a blast and happy late bday!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎈🎂💖

    1. Kitty Chelle (She/Her)

      Kitty Chelle (She/Her)

      Thank you Vale.  I had a good day 


  3. Hey, @Vale_0785.  I'm Eisen, a recruitment assistant for our ESO division.  Please sign our CoC in our Rules and Regulations forum and you should be set!

    1. Vale_0785


      Ohhhh ty! I had forgotten to do that!

      All set now! 😎