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  1. This message is for Vale and Vale only. If you're not Vale please keep scolling.












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  2. Oh hai! 😁

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      Oh Haiiii!!!! Hope you're having a good day!

  3. Happy Birthday Vale! 

  4. happy birthday!

  5. Ok lovelies! So according to what was said in Discord chat, I’m leaving the information here as well! Date is Feb 18th at 7pm for the O show!! We bought the light blue seats (they were the cheapest ones available) in the front row (Section 303, Row AA, in case u wanna be on the same spots! Im attaching both the seats that were available prior to me buying our tickets, and how much they cost, so u get an idea of how much they are
  6. Hai everyone! So finally the prices and availability of seats are able to be chosen! I believe the best day to go and the day that I will probably choose with my bff to go is on Friday evening so that we can have both Saturday and Sunday free to have the official guild activities. The hours availble are either 7pm or 9:30pm. Seats are running out fast so let me know if you need a specific time or you have no preference, so that we can pick at least the same time to go together… Since everyone has told me that no matter where you sit you can see perfectly well anyway, we will get the cheapest ones. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know Im so excited for this!
  7. Oh hai! Well we already talked about it but I might not make it to the meeting, so I’m leaving my thoughts here I believe the original date is good, we have had Covid forever around us and I believe that it will not go away any time soon. With that said, I have had cases of people that work with me get the virus from hell and we had such good protocols that no one else in the pharmacy caught it… So I’m a firm believer that if we wear masks (most public places require it anyway), wash our hands and no touchie strangers (idk how hard/not hard that will be, but to me, it’s easy ) we should be good to go
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the bestest ever!! 💖 I hope you have an AMAZING day! 

  9. Hey lovelies! Just a quick update... Cirque du Soleil doesn't have shows on mondays and tuesdays, so it would be good for it to be done between friday and sunday so no one is left out
  10. I would like to suggest, besides Cirque du Soleil and the Gran Canyon trip, to go to the Big Apple Coaster at the New York-New York Hotel, most lilkely on friday OR monday (saturday and sunday would be for our first official meetup and the possible grand canyon trip). The roller coaster ride is short, with the available times being from 1 to 9pm.
  11. Helloes everyone! I wanted to start a new topic for this, to try to organize a date to maybe go watch the O show in Cirque du Soleil! If anyone else is interested, let me know... I was checking some prices on the official page, and prices range from 80 to over 300 dollars per person. https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/usa/las-vegas/shows This is the page where I was looking. Since I am coming from South America, I will be staying with a friend for a whole week instead of JUST the long weekend, so let me know as well if u want to go on a week day instead of the weekend Hope to see you there!!
  12. Happy Birthday @Vale_0785 - you have been such a joy to play with - super glad you joined us in ESO and look forward to many more fashionably creative moments with you as we kill all the things while looking fantastic.

  13. HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Love ya my stationary and ESO sister, have a FABULOUS DAY!

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