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  2. Roedynn

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS please
  3. rDPS as usual, thank you!
  4. Roedynn

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 2

    Be there on rDPs
  5. until

    rDPS here. Will tank if absolutely necessary. Will heal if everyone else wants to die a lot
  6. until

    rDPS here please
  7. Roedynn

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt

    I'll be there!
  8. Roedynn

    [PVE-pub] Master Mode Flashpoints


    rDPS please.
  9. until

    Put me down for rDPS please.
  10. until

    rDPS, of course. (Or any role @Dochabi asks me to bring....). Definitely need to be finished before the WB run though, as I'm helping out with that event.
  11. Roedynn

    [PVE-Pub] Datacron Hunt


    This is always a fun time, chatting and joking around with guildies. I'm in!
  12. until

    Oooooo... I have never done Mountain Queen nor Monolith. I'm in for rDPS please!
  13. Roedynn

    Heroic - Star Fortress

    I'll be there, rDPS
  14. Roedynn

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS here!
  15. until

    Sorry, was in a bit of a rush and totally forgot
  16. until

    I've got a BH healer I have never played in a group; could be a good time to start... I'm in!
  17. Roedynn

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS please!
  18. I'll be there! Looking forward to getting this done on at least one of my characters
  19. Roedynn

    Datacron Hunt


    I'm up for this!
  20. Roedynn

    [PVE-Pub] Star Fortresses


    rDPS please
  21. until

    rDPS of course
  22. Roedynn

    [PVE-Pub] Morning Smops Ravagers


    rDPS here!
  23. until

    rDPS here! Unless you *NEED* something else, in which case I can fill in...
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    rDPS please
  25. Roedynn

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS please and thank you!