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  1. What is your favorite anime?

    1. Lord Orca IVI

      Lord Orca IVI

      My favorite is and always will be Bleach.

  2. Finished most of my house... damn rain though. I tried waiting for it to go away but it wouldn't. I mean I love rain but its really annoying when its inside your home.

  3. Did Selene's Web pledge with @Kat and @valariancse

    7510deb31c1dce9ec5e615578591946f.thumb.jpg.55a439d8d7efa1685f7f354c6ceca54c.jpgHairy Nope Nope

  4. This one has become one with the void!

  5. Moongrave Fane dungeon beaten. Thank you for helping me... I feel bad now cuz I forgot your UserIDs...
    But either way thanks!

    Edit: I just realized I can see their names at the side where it says whos in the VC with me.

  6. IMG_20200828_204409.thumb.jpg.a26cb65170f7e7304c36279596439de0.jpg
    I was finally able to get this Orca carving my dad made for me for my birthday! 😄

  7. By far my favorite boss in a DLC Dungeon
    Thank You @Yoshieku

  8. Doing school work at home is a pain