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  1. Cora Nilu

    Exploring Uprisings


    I will have to leave around 330, but I'd like to be there for a couple if there's space
  2. Cora Nilu

    SMOPS - KP


    Great! I'd like to be in on this then. Thanks!
  3. Cora Nilu

    World Bosses


    Same response as on the SMOP thread, but I've got a lvl 70 tank but I've never really tanked in an op yet so might not be the best to rely on me to tank quite yet. Still, would be interested in being part of this!
  4. Cora Nilu

    SMOPS - KP


    I've got a level 70 jedi guardian I've built towards tanking, but I also have never done an op before, so maybe better to consider me as a melee dps?