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  1. I'm a WoW BGs PvP whenever I play that game.  The whole reason I get gear is to be more competitive at it. 


    BGs are a little different in this game.  I advise you playing them while you're a lowbie because the competition is not as brutal and will help you understand mechanics.  I am about to roll a lowbie just to PvP in them again.


    I might go with a warden because healing in lowbies is way more impactful than once you hit 50.

    1. aitsu_dave


      I might have to give healing a try, then. I've done a few battlegrounds or whatever, rando style through the group finder in ESO, and haven't done so well. I also haven't really looked up any strats or builds, as I was more interested in leveling and the story. I'll have to dig into PvP a bit more when I get some time.

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