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  1. I recently decided to get a few more airbrushes for when I paint Gunpla kits so I didn't have to keep cleaning them mid-painting, so I wanted to do my first full color conversion. Got these guys on sale and decided they were an excellent first choice. The one on the left is just a straight build. Just snipped real quick and assembled and put on the stickers it comes with (for the inner ear and tongue). The one on the right is the recolored one which I chose to make shiny. I also went through and glued and removed seams as much as I could. (I now have a pot of goo I keep calling "liquid Eevee" >< which is some leftover plastic from cutting out the model and some plastic "glue" which really just dissolves the plastic a little bit so they can stick together). Finally, I couldn't help but create "Eeveeguy-kun" and "Beevee".