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  1. until

    Ranged DPS please and thank you
  2. DrDudis

    Friday Night SMOPS


    That new time slot is perfect, Tank spot if available for me please and thank you!
  3. until

    Can bring a Lightning Sorc (rDPS) since both tank positions are already taken.
  4. DrDudis

    VMOPS FUN Progression : The Stormers


    Looks like you have plenty of established back-ups, but I can tank if needed. Otherwise, I will watch per usual thanks.
  5. until

    I would like to tank with you if possible, please and thank you
  6. DrDudis



    Not going to be able to make it this week (RL work). I will make it next week though
  7. until

    Looks like you have the exact number for 2 full teams. If there are additional people interested or someone needs to drop out I can bring a rDPS/healer
  8. DrDudis

    VMOPS FUN Progression : The Stormers


    I could tank, but since this is a set group with multiple back-ups, I will bring my popcorn to watch (if someone is nice enough to stream it please and thank you).
  9. DrDudis

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


    Tank please
  10. DrDudis

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Tank would be great for me if still available, cheers. I apologize, but I will be probably 15 minutes late (RL doctor stuff). Thank you for understanding
  11. DrDudis

    Gree Event


    `````Tank please and thank you
  12. until

    Looks like all the tank positions are taken, I can bring either a mDPS (Veng. Sith) or rDPS Lightning Sorc if there is room
  13. DrDudis

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    Tank please if possible
  14. DrDudis



    Would like to tank (or off-tank/mDPS) if needed please
  15. until

    Sith Lightning Sorc as rDPS if possible