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  1. EmiSalgari

    Datacron hunt


    I honestly never tracked which ones I got, but I can tag along and get the ones I don't have in the process
  2. until

    I'll bring DPS
  3. EmiSalgari

    HK-51 Searching Party


    I'll be there never done any of this quests. Question: If I complete this and get the companion, it's legacy wide, or just for that toon?
  4. until

    If it's SMOP, I can rDPS
  5. EmiSalgari

    World Bosses


  6. EmiSalgari



    rDPS if there's space
  7. until

    I'll bring my lvl 68 veng jugg (mdps)
  8. until

  9. until

    I would love to join, but I honestly can't reach 15k DPS, best case scenario for me was 14.2k
  10. EmiSalgari

    The Gree event


    @Dochabi I'll be able to make it, sign me up
  11. EmiSalgari

    SMOPS BY JED Enterity Vault


    I'm rDPS, will be there (This is on sunday? In the calendar it's marked on saturday)
  12. EmiSalgari

    MasterMode Flashpoints


    I have rDPS in both pub and imp side, will attend
  13. EmiSalgari

    The Gree event


    I'm 90% I'll be able to attend (rDPS), i can probably confirm tomorrow, keep me in mind if possible
  14. EmiSalgari

    Heroics for levelling pub side


    I can bring my lvl 68 veng jugg (Edit: is this pub side or imp side? If pub side, i'll bring a serenity shadow, lvl63)
  15. EmiSalgari

    VMOPS Training Run - EV

    I have a couple of questions. First, I would like to participate, but I have done just 2 SMOPS until now, and maybe this event isn't for me, I don't know how much experience is expected. Otherwise, I run VFPs regularly, and MFPs when I get the chance, so I'm not a complete newbie. I also have never used StarParse, I'm guessing it's just an overlay which gives extra info on screen, and I guess that's the way I should check my DPS (BTW, I'm a rDPS player). Anything else that I should have in mind when installing/using it? And finally, Is there another way to check my DPS than buying a 3.25M dummy? My sub expires relatively soon, and i'm prioritizing getting tacticals and set bonus parts with my money, so I can leave a couple of toons geared before it expires. Thank you!