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  1. vir'rizza

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    aight, i can tank this
  2. until

    I want to tank, but if necessary I can heal or dps. either mode, though I have only tanked and maybe healed hm
  3. vir'rizza

    HK-51 Searching Party


    I have a character per side on the search part of the mission, but only the transistor or whatever the taris part is
  4. vir'rizza

    World Bosses


    I plan on bringing a tank, probably a guardian
  5. @K'lon nothing in particular right now, though I'll probably read any new royal ranger books that john flanagan writes mostly out of sentimentality. I'm in a bit of a weird spot where all of my favorite series are long dead, though I will probably go hunting for new star wars stuff thats sorta likable sometime soon.
  6. Whats come out recently/maybe coming out soon that looks good? standalone, part of a series, etc
  7. Well, currently I am re-reading Order 66 by Karen Travis and Dark Forces Rising by Timothy Zahn