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  1. as stated, i'm wondering if anyone is planning on playing in the beta edit: when it comes out
  2. until

    I can tank or dps
  3. ahh nice, I played witch in Harvest, but I'm waiting till the next league to give it another shot. Also souldrend IS really nice, I'm running that on my ed/contagion shadow now that I've spellslingered everything and its pretty fun
  4. ouch, yeah. heist is hard. I've got a spellslinger ed/contagion build I've been working with, but it's pretty tough to make anything viable, it seems. also, cast while channeling/cyclone on vd/dd didn't work all that well, or at least as well as frenzy and spellslinger.
  5. oo that could be cool, I too need some diversity in my current lack of exercise. maybe we could do other events, like if we somehow setup a something like a powerlifting meet through discord or another platform that would be pretty cool.
  6. I recently started playing minecraft again, but most of the stuff I end up playing is mmorpgs
  7. I don't know if anyone still checks this, but would anyone be up for an online game? I know @Sojourner202 has been organizing one in the discord, I'm in it, and other games might still be around, but another game would be fun. I'm thinking maybe curse of strahd, out of the abyss, dungeon of the mad mage, some other module, or homebrew. Or even 4e stuff if people want that. I don't know who would run it, perhaps I could try again, but I guess it depends on who is interested.
  8. I'm also curious, if i could join another campaign that would be neat
  9. that sounds awesome, cast while channeling seems pretty good. i'm starting to wonder if i can use that for volitile dead, detonate dead, and desecrate. that would be pretty sweet, flame dash into a crowd and spin to win while everything explodes. also, that build sounds cool for freezing staged bosses
  10. What sort of builds does everyone like? my favorite builds: spellslinger vd/ed: Probably one of my two favorites right now, I leveled two last league and I've kept using one for mines and maps spellslinger ed/contagion: It's been almost as fun as vd/ed since I started using spellslinger on it, it doesn't off screen as well but is still plenty satisfying to play even without spellslinger earthshatter champion: This has been pretty fun even if it requires 4 buttons instead of 2, and a bit nostalgic because it's my first slam build since the sunder nerf sunder berserker: I love this (it's probably tied with vd/dd for my favorite), I used this for a year and a half or more before the sunder nerf
  11. vir'rizza

    Veteran Flashpoints!


    im down, ill bring a sent i guess, maybe a commando or guardian
  12. until

    oh i am so down to tank this
  13. until

    true, in that case i guess ill tag along for the raid. been awhile since ive done snv and i want those cheevos anyways
  14. vir'rizza

    VMOPs Dread Palace


    well, its been a few months since ive run this, but if a backup tank is needed im down
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