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    rDPS or Tank.
  2. Day: 31/07/21 Time: 3:00pm EST Bringing back the Achievement Hunt and this time we will hunting for: That's Just Wrong - We will travel to Tatooine to kill Jawas while using the...Party Jawa?... Who's Scruffy Looking - If you don't have a Party Jawa don't worry I'll take you on a tour for Hoth/Alderaan/Voss to get 3 pets, 1 decoration and a legacy title. Suggestions - If you have a suggestion of an Achievement that you would like to suggest in the comments or in the event feel free to do that. ...And don't forget to bring your Achievement Boost from the Daily Login Reward.
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  4. Ren'ato

    Galactic Season Morning Club

    Day: 20/07/21 Time: 9:00am EST
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    mDPS or Tank.
  7. Ren'ato

    Galactic Season Morning Club

    Day: 13/07/21 Time: 9:00am EST
  8. Ren'ato

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    mDPS or Tank.
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    mDPS or Tank.
  10. Canceled because well... xD @Caiobkw, @Dochabi, @Leia...I'll try to put that to the next week so thanks for sign up.
  11. Nop, the challenge is to defeat the HS bonus boss so just Hammer Station Master Mode.
  12. Ren'ato

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    mDPS please.
  13. Day: 04/07/21 Time: 5:00pm EST I'm planning to do some different events in the future and this one is kind of a test to see if it's works so if people could give me that big support/feedback would be great. So...what is this challenge about? ...The Bonus Boss!!! 4 objectives you'll need to complete the challenge: 1 - DN-314 Tunneler 2 - Vorgan the Volcano 3 - Staged Bonus - Stage 3 4 - Asteroid Beast (bonus boss) The groups will start the flashpoint at the same time and the group that kill the Bonus Boss first will receive the prize of 40M ( 10M for each member of the group ). This is a Master Mode so Tanks and Healers will be needed and more than that...Tanks: the boss have a aggro drop; Healers: the boss give a lot of damage; DPS: If not beaten in certain amount of time, the boss will enrage and causing a complete group wipe...so yeah. If you have any questions just ask below. We will need at least 2 groups to make this fun so think in the prize...10M. xD ( It ain't much, but it's honest work. )
  14. Ren'ato

    Galactic Season Morning Club

    Day: 29/06/21 Time: 11:00am EST After flashpoints, heroics and to put terror in the Colicoids last week let's see what will happen in the GS Morning Club this week.
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    mDPS or Tank.
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