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    mDPS or Tank
  2. Ren'ato

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 3

    Day: 08/05/21 Time: 3:00pm EST (Maybe) The final hunt for the enemie base...and this time we will avenge the Republic soldiers that we was killed by the Empire. - Alderaan: Sabotaging House Thul - Alderaan: Stalking the Sith Overseer - Section X: Infiltrating the Empire - and maybe others achievements...we will see. Don't forget to bring your Achievement Boost from the Login Reward.
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    mDPS or Tank
  4. mDPS or Tank.
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    mDPS or Tank
  6. Ren'ato

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 2

    Day: 24/04/21 Time: 3:00pm EST We will continue our hunt for the achievement at the Imp Side and this time we will look for: - Quesh: Infiltrating the Republic - Yavin IV: Unraveling the Republic - Section X: Infiltrating the Republic - Black Hole: Ransacking the Republic So don't forget your Achievement Boost and let's storm the Republic.
  7. Ren'ato

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt

    No, any level, but you might want to bring a Toon that has already traveled to the listed planets because it will have already unlocked part of the map making it easier to travel, but we can use summons if necessary.
  8. Ren'ato

    [PVE-Pub] Veteran Flashpoints

    Day: 18/04/21 Time: 3:00pm EST Let's do some Veteran Flashpoint and learn about the mechanics, shortcuts and other things.
  9. Ren'ato

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt

    Day: 17/04/21 Time: 3:00pm EST Tomorrow me and @Dalivandrian will be run an Achievement Hunt Imp Side and what achievements we are talking about? Well: - Hunting Down the Jedi Master - Corellia: Raiding the Republic - Hoth: Infiltrating the Republic - Tyrant of Ilum! - Quesh: Infiltrating the Republic - Unraveling the Republic - Section X: Infiltrating the Republic - Black Hole: Ransacking the Republic So bring your Achievement Boost and lets chill while hunt the enemies we need.
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    mDPS or Tank
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    mDPS or Tank.
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  13. Ren'ato

    [PVE-Pub] Farm Time

    Day: 04/04/21 Time: 3:00pm EST So Contest Conquest is close and you still need some credits to buy that outfit or dye? ... this is the time ... let's go through some Hammer Stations, Red Reapers, Heroics 2 and CZ-198 ... all depending on the number of players and time but we will try to do everything a little bit.
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    mDPS or Tank