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  1. Hey @Rellik, hope you're well too. Anyone in the GW2 division will tell you I'm extremely pro-selfie, so I support this. Kinda hard to have a singles group when you don't know what anyone looks like. Did you have something specific in mind or just for people to share whatever/whenever they feel comfortable? Also, out of curiosity: how would you feel about moving from a forum interest group to a channel (probably under Social) in Discord? I've noticed most interest groups are defunct at this point as we shift away from the forums and more toward Discord as our primary communication platform...this is one of the few that's still kinda sorta active. Not only would moving to Discord help potentially breathe some new life into the group, but it would also be much easier to know who's active within it (I noticed you mentioned that as an issue in another topic). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts; I know a few guys who could possibly make it happen if you're interested.
  2. until
    Looking for some one-on-one help fleshing out your RP characters? Got a litany of lore questions waiting to be answered? Just want to do some impromptu tavern-style RP? This is the place for you! The GW2 RP Department will be holding open "office hours" during this time for members to drop in as needed—no appointment necessary. Come on down to the #gw2-rp channel in Discord to say hello and get your RP questions answered! For 24/7-access RP resources, please check out our Character Development subforum and the #gw2-rp-workshop thread in Discord.
  3. Happy Birthday, @verrah🥳 Hope it's a good one. 😊

  4. Happy Birthday, @Princess🥳🎊 Best of luck on your test today! 🤞

    1. Princess


      THANK YOU!!  Feelin really good about this go around!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope they brought in some cake for you at work. 🎂🥳

    1. Trev


      I’m glad you know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t have taken the day off 😂. Thank you!!

  6. 🎊 🎁 Happy Birthday!!! 🎉 🎈 Welcome to your thirties! I hope you had a great birthday (week) and I am honored to be part of it. I am bursting with pride seeing everything you've accomplished this last year. The fact that I got to share in that? Incredible (just like you) ❤️ 

    Am I a day late? Absolutely not, I'm merely extending the celebration throughout the entire weekend. 🥳

    1. Spellslinger


      Thank you very much, my friend! I'm fortunate to have you in my life and glad I get to share the festivities of my birthday (week) with you. 🥰 Which, for the record, @Esse_Veritas kicked off the celebration on Thursday…so there are still four more days left to appreciate me and what a gift I am to the universe. 💁‍♂️🎁✨

  7. Hey @MalAmenz, thank you so much for setting this up! As someone who's never played D&D but has always been curious, I was hopeful I might be able to join...unfortunately, I just couldn't make the timeslot work with my schedule. I would definitely be interested in participating should you run this (or something similar) again in April as mentioned above. Weekends are best for me, otherwise just a tad earlier (like 1-2 hours) during the workweek if Saturday/Sunday aren't an option. Anyway, hope y'all have fun tonight and in your future sessions!
  8. Happy Birthday! 🥳🎂🎊🎁 We miss you...hope it was a great day and that we get to see you again sometime soon! ❤️

  9. Happy Birthday, Anna! 🥳🍰🎊🎁 Hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the things that bring you joy!

    1. Annamika


      Aww, thank you so much!  Hope you are well! ❤️

  10. Happy Birthday again, Tyche! 🥳🍰🎊🎁 Because why just say it in your DMs and in Discord general chat when I can do it here too? 😂 Hope the day was just as wonderful as you are of a friend to me. 😊

    1. Tyche (They/Them)

      Tyche (They/Them)

      Oh you! How many times can you make me tear-up in one day 😭😂 Thank you for all the love and for making this birthday so special ❤️🫂


  11. Happy Birthday, Eucaa! 🥳🎂🎁 Hope it was a wonderful day!

    1. Eucaa


      It was, thank you! Due to COVID, I have been celebrating it spread out over several days. Plus I had some shoots in between as well. 🙈 

      I've been quite the extreme busy bee 😋 

  12. Hey Drog, Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂 Hope you’ve been having a wonderful day!

  13. Happy Birthday all the way from Iowa! 🥳🍰🎊🎁 Hope it’s a great one and that you’re blessed with some new assistants soon as a gift! 😁

  14. Happy Birthday, Kelsey! 🥳🎂🎁 Hope you had a great day today and a fun celebration yesterday!

  15. Happy Birthday, Tutor! 🥳🎂🎁 Sorry it's a little late, but hope you had a wonderful day regardless! 😁

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