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  1. Figured I should post. I'm Tutor, I've been single for about 2 years now after my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after about 9 months together after a 4-year long distance relationship. It kinda sucks not really having someone close to me to talk to about my day and listen to them talk about theirs. It sounds silly, but just having one special person in my life that I can trust makes all the difference in the world to me. Being single, for me, it kinda sucks, like there's a part of me that's always missing. I was able to "pretend" I was still in a relationship with my ex since we were still roommates for a year and a half after that, but once we physically split up, that was it. And I just feel kinda lost, like life doesn't really have much meaning, there's not really much point to doing anything. Maybe that's my chronic depression talking, I dunno. Not really expecting anything of course, being in this group. But they do say misery loves company. So here I am!
  2. Good gosh, there is a lot to do as a trial member, but I'll do my best! Thanks again for having me here!