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  1. until

    DPS for SM R4 to get Hippy gear.
  2. until

    I can come dps
  3. until

    I can come mDPS.
  4. until

    I can come mDPS if there is still a spot.
  5. until

    I can come dps.
  6. until

    I can come dps.
  7. until

    mDPS, I can heal if you cant find another healer though
  8. until

    I can fill any role you're missing if you don't have enough.
  9. until

    I can bring mDPS.
  10. until

    mDPS > Tank > heals is my preference but I can do any role you need.
  11. until

    I can come tank if you still need one.
  12. until
    This event will be to get people more experience on their low level toons for double xp and to give people the opportunity to try out classes they haven't played much of. Please RSVP and let me know what roles you can bring. If we have enough people, we can have multiple teams going. See you all Wednesday afternoon.
  13. until
    I will be hosting some unranked PvP matches on pub side, we can do some on imp side as well if people prefer that. Only requirements are to be level 75 and to have an item rating of at least 270. See you all then.

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