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    GW2 Fractal Night!


    Looking forward to it!
  2. Thanks, @Koro! The music system is incredible and really keeps the community alive. I did feel a bit awkward posting in the LOTRO group right after joining Remnants, but I thought it was kind of neat that you've got a little corner for Middle-earth here!
  3. Leviathan Falls, Book 9 of the Expanse! I stopped at Book 6 so that I could read 7, 8 and 9 together, but I think I'll just start the whole thing over whenever 9 finally arrives!
  4. Bookbub is the bomb if you like ebooks as much as I do, but there's also an offshoot called Chirp Audiobooks which features steeply discounted audiobooks daily just like Bookbub does. One big difference is that most of the deals run for 30 days, so that while there's new content every day you have plenty of time to decide on purchases. You can listen to audio samples and the books play through their own software online or offline. I've purchased several using PayPal and have been very pleased. I'd buy more, but most of the time I just use my Kindle's text-to-speech feature to read to me for free!
  5. Hello! I've been playing LOTRO for 8 years and have far too many characters on numerous servers to list here BUT if you ever find yourself in Crickhollow on a Saturday afternoon, you'll find a lass named Larksong (that's me!) playing with a band called Breakfast Club from 1-2 PM EST at the South Gate in Bree. I've been with the band for almost all of my years with the kinship and it's been an honor to make and share music with my friends! We play some pretty good tunes!