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Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

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    Anhyn-lija, Havamall, Ixidis, Rokesmith
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    Jedi Sentinel
    Sith Sorcerer
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  1. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    DPS, thanks!
  2. until

    mDPS or heals
  3. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    Is this for 9pm Eastern? rDPS ETA: I will *probably* be back by 8pm Eastern but it depends on traffic. Looks like there are plenty of backups so go ahead and fill if I'm not on yet! back now
  4. until

    Heal or DPS (would be mDPS, not much of an improvement on turtles I'm afraid)
  5. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS

    I can DPS
  6. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Gree Event Dailies

    @Skysta what time is this event?
  7. until

    Happy to heal or DPS!
  8. Dlique

    [PVE-IMP] Xenoanalyst Run II

    Happy to heal or DPS for both runs
  9. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    DPS if you have a spot! Never been to this one
  10. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    I can DPS!
  11. Dlique

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    Can probably bring DPS if you still need people!
  12. until

    I just got the good computer talking to the servers again! That means I can fill or jump on a 16 if things work out DPS or healing
  13. Dlique

    [PVE-Pub] World Bosses


    DPS. If we have close to 16 we should do Nightmare Pilgrim
  14. until

    Happy to fill in or jump on a 16 if things work out! I can heal or DPS
  15. until

    I've got flashpoints for the weekly so part of my plan this week is to spam Red Reaper Could also do pvp for the other weekly though, or whatever comes up on the dailies
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