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  1. until

    Happy to bring heals or DPS!
  2. until

    I can heal or DPS!
  3. until

    No worries! It's why I usually only sign up for smops or unproductive ops.
  4. until

    If you still need people I can heal or DPS, but I've never been able to get starparse working on my computer (mac with a lot of special snowflake issues). I have done S&V in story mode before twice but never in vet mode. Happy to help though - let me know!
  5. Dlique

    [PvE-Pub] Friday Night SMOPS


    Probably rDPS
  6. Dlique

    [PvE-Pub] Uprisings


    @jcmichaelwI believe there's a level requirement (70?) and possibly a subscription requirement set by SWTOR for uprisings. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Dlique

    [PvE-Pub] Uprisings


    Pubside I have mDPS or rDPS
  8. until

    I can heal or DPS
  9. Dlique

    [PVE - IMP] SMOPS Conquest Run #2


    I can heal or DPS if this is impside
  10. Dlique

    Unproductive Ops


    I can heal or DPS impside
  11. until

    I can bring my healer
  12. Dlique

    Unproductive Ops

    rDPS or mDPS
  13. Dlique

    Friday Night SMOPS


    mDPS thanks!
  14. until

    I can heal Or *maybe* DPS now that I have an imperial L70 but they are a very new L70, not sure I have 100% of the 230+ gear for them...
  15. Dlique

    [PVE-pub] Master Mode Flashpoint


    rDPS or mDPS on pubside ETA: just realized I have a 2pm thing that might not be over by 3. I'll probably be able to join by 4 though. Don't wait up for me!