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  1. Happy belated Birthday @Quaxo Zyrustiner!!! Hope it was amazing.  Miss you and hope you are doing well. 

    Also, I wanted to say again, a huge thanks for all you did for our community as EC.  I really enjoyed working with you and valued your wisdom, insight, dedication and integrity. 

  2. Happy Birthday man! 

  3. Have a very happy birthday!! 🎉


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  4. Happy Birthday!! Don't throw too big of a party 😛 

  5. Happy Birthday @Quaxo Zyrustiner

    May it be amazing :) 

  6. Birthday blessings, O Teal Shaded One.

  7. I'm the same, I liked the NY setting much more than DC. I've never been to either city (yet!), but it felt like no matter where you were in TD1, it felt like NY. But in TD2, it doesn't always feel like DC, it feels like it could just be anywhere. I think somewhere other than DC would have been better. Like San Francisco or Las Vegas.
  8. Didn't want to hijack the topic sorting it out, so I messaged Lager and went through some things. Looks like DX12 was the issue. Never worked right with the Snow Drop engine the first game, and it's nice to see they haven't fixed the identical issues it causes in the second game.
  9. You start doing those mid to late 20s. I've just finished the last one for the first part of the game at level 30. Won't go into details, don't want to post any story spoilers. You should be able to do them with anyone though, even if we're not the same level. The game does level scaling. So far from what I've experienced, you do want to do the first strongholds with at least a 4-person group. They're a bit tougher than the regular missions. I'm on daily usually, so if you need help running anything, just ask.
  10. I did my first Stronghold at 25 with a full group of 4. It was pretty good. Couple tough fights.