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  1. 1. Join the guild in-game.You may bring all of your characters into the guild during your Trial. Just apply through the guild finder in WoW and make sure to include your forum name in the note. After that you can post in discord that you have to make sure it gets noticed then one of our officers will be on shortly to let you in. If you log out before getting your invite, don't worry, we can still invite you if you're offline. Just check the guild page in game when you log back in to see your invite.




    2. Set a forum Avatar. To change your avatar, click your name on the top right and choose "profile." Then click the icon of a photograph on the left on the next page, and choose a non-offensive avatar to upload.




    3. Participate in at least two events or activities that include two or more guild members during your two-week trial. Some options are any of the scheduled events on the calendar, any PvP, RP, or PvE "pick-up" activities, or attending a divisional or community meeting. The activities are not limited to the ones scheduled on the calendar.Post in your application thread what activities you did and which member it was with (in game name is sufficient if you don't know their forum name). If you cannot do one of the activities in the game, 5 posts in any combination of the current forum social games can be substituted for one of your two events.You may not substitute 10 posts for two activities.

    Did mythics with nightmare/bittham/adicon/Katywompus

    Normal cn raid on 1/30/2021



    4. Make 10 posts minus the app on the forums.You may create a thread or post a comment in an already existing thread. Don't be afraid to look for our forums, old and new -- they are an important part of our community and will help you get to know us better.




    5. Post an Introduction.We want to get to know you!




    6. Read our Guild Charter and then /sign our Rules and Regulations thread.



    7. Look over our Guild Structureand our list of CurrentLeaders,which can be found under leadership team navigation. Here are the basics we ask that you know about the leadership in our guild.  Done!

    Vordicai-Division commander

    FoxyDawrf-recruitment officer

    Sock-PvE officer

    Gensou-Rp officer

    Grute- Crafting officer

    Hallack-Pvp officer