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    mDPS please.
  2. until

    DPS (ranged or melee, as necessary)
  3. until

    mDPS please!
  4. until

    Heals or mDPS plz!
  5. until

    This will be my first time in Gods. mDPS please (unless we're hurting for healz, I can switch over).
  6. until

    I can do mDPS (sin) if there's room, or happy to be backup dps or heals. --Van
  7. Vandeven

    SMOPS - Karagga's Palace


    mDPS please (sin/shadow, so can fill the DPSwT role if you don't have someone better qualified) Can do healz if we go to 16man.
  8. Vandeven

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Hi there! I'd love to join this op! I can heal or dps (ranged or melee). --V