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  1. Happy birthday Scya! I had fun at your SWTOR birthday party.

  2. until

    Something came up last minute and I am unable to attend. Very sorry. @Merliah
  3. until

  4. until

    Great run last night! Thanks everyone and @Merliah for an awesome lead!!
  5. until

    rDPS please and ty
  6. until

    I could go if you run out of options. My rating is only 289 though.
  7. McGilli

    (pve-pub) Flashpoints


    Is there a level restriction? My highest pub toon is only 40ish.
  8. until

    My favorite part: (I don't know everyone's names to well yet). Player 1: "Can we get this guy a rez?" Player 2: "I was about to rez, until someone dropped a vending machine right on top of him!"
  9. until

    Thanks for a great first run with the guild! Everyone was awesome and very patient. Special thanks to @Merliah for an amazing raid lead and doing a very thorough job explaining the fights! Can't wait for the next one!
  10. until

    I'm in for my first OP! R-deeps please.
  11. Hi everybody!

  12. until

    @Merliah I'm not even close yet, but I'm going to work on it and keep leveling this week. Hopefully I'll be there soon. I've been playing exclusively on Imp and we haven't run into each other yet. I look forward to meeting you.
  13. until

    Quick question. I just hit 70 and I've really been looking forward to doing some of these end game events with you guys. I've been studying the gearing guides and to my knowledge the max a 70-74 toon could hit is 268 rating. Therefore, 270 rating wouldn't be possible pre-75 and a 70-74 toon wouldn't be eligible for these runs. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. McGilli

    Datacron hunt :)


    I was just about to suggest this event. Unfortunately, I will be at work during this time. Have fun troopers!
  15. McGilli

    Heroics! (Pub)


    I should be able to go, I put maybe just in case. Which side?