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    Archery, reading, outdoors, games and messing around with son...

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  1. I never knew or spoke to you @Grumps, but you were one of us. Thank you from your service, and for your sacrifice. May your spirit find peace, and your family solace.

  2. Forever a Remnant

    Rest in Peace

  3. Rest in Peace, Grumps ❤️

  4. Rest in peace, Grumps. You found everyone. ♥️

  5. Rest In Peace ❤️

  6. Thank you Grumps for your service and sacrifice.

  7. Grumps

    Morning Smops Scum and Villainy


    melee/ranged dps... (i do have fully geared tank as well tho i am a bit rusty in that department)
  8. until

    melee or ranged dps... whichever is needed at the time...
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