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  1. until

    DPS/tank backup or 16m.
  2. until

    DPS please.
  3. Happy Birthday! Hope that is a good one!

  4. until

    mDPS please.
  5. until

    mDPS please.
  6. until

    I won't be able to make it now. Had a friend cancel and uncancel 3 times tonight now. I'm back in.
  7. until

    I can come dps.
  8. until

    DPS please. I can do more than one run.
  9. until

    mDPS please.
  10. until

    mDPS please.
  11. until

    mDPS please.
  12. until

    I can backup mDPS if you need to fill.
  13. until

    Ill be around after 9 if you need backups for dps.
  14. until

    mDPS please.
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