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  1. Hi @ImLuva, We appreciate that you've chosen RoH and thank you for taking the time to complete an application. As we do our voting thing, relax and enjoy the reads as folks from all six of our divisions stop in to say hi. It's just something we do to welcome applicants. @Docss
  2. Hello @Sinestra, I regret to inform you that your application has been declined due to lack of effort. We feel that a successful integration into our community is dependent on the effort put into the trial process, as it represents the dedication the member is going to have to the community. As such, we do not feel the endeavor was enough for us to be certain that our community would be the right fit for you. This concludes your application, and we ask that you treat this decision professionally. The guild wishes you all the best. If you wish to re-apply to Remnants of Hope, you may do so in fourteen days.
  3. Welcome to RoH.  Please reach out to myself or anyone on the recruiting team with any questions.  Take your time following the Discord instructions.  They have proven difficult to follow for some trial members.  Our goal is to get you linked up in there to make events easier.  We will assist you through the trial period to help ensure it all goes smoothly.  Your application was really well done.  We're happy to have you here.  Welcome.



  4. Greetings Sinestra, Your application has been processed and accepted. Welcome to the ESO RoH community! You've reached the Trial Member process! We're excited you're starting the process, and even though it might seem complicated, it's how we make sure Remnants of Hope continues to be an amazing community with members who care about each other. The process consists of Two Steps which you will need to complete within the two week trial period. First Step: Starting now, you have two-weeks to complete the following seven objectives. We'd love for you to get involved in all our forum and in-game activities, so please check out the Social Party Zone for games/contests, the calendar plus the in-game guild MOTD for a listing of all scheduled events. Objectives: Join the guild in-game. Set a forum avatar. Make 6 posts on the forums.* Post an introduction. Follow these links to: Read our Code of Conduct and then /sign our Rules and Regulations thread. Attend in-game activities, participating on at least three different days. An activity is anything that you do in game with two or more guild members. If you only group with other trial members those activities will not count. Activities are not limited to the ones scheduled on the calendar. You can find ESO official event schedule in game MoTD and here; Most events require use of Discord. This is in most cases primarily for the ability to listen in to the leader's instruction and having a microphone is usually not required. If there is a reason you are unable to use Discord, please let the event leader know so they can try to accommodate this. Please update your application thread with who/what/when for these events. Otherwise we won't know you completed them. Bonus points for including screenshots. As an alternative to this requirement, five additional posts in the forum "games and stuff" count as one in-game event. You may do this once. You may not create 15 additional posts and expect to receive credit for three in-game activities. Answer these questions as a reply to your application thread: What is the name of our High Elder (the leader of our entire Community)? What are the names of two of our Elder Council members (our community leaders)? What is the name of our ESO Division commander (our ESO guild leader)? *Concerning six required posts on the forums. Can be 6 (or more.) Replies count as posts. Your application is not eligible but all replies and posts after starting trial are. Consider hopping on other intros to say hi! Or welcome other Trial members In no less than one week but no more than two weeks, if you have completed the objectives above, you will begin the second step. Second Step: The ESO Recruitment Officer (RO) or an ESO Recruitment Assistant will reach out to setup a time to meet with you on Discord. This end of trial review will be recorded and provided to the ESO Officers and Division Commander (DC), allowing them to vote on your membership. You'll get an update on your progress after one week. If you haven't fulfilled the seven above-noted objectives within the two-week mark, your application may be declined. Please Note: Applicants who do not take initiative in completing their trial objectives or go MIA may be subject to an early dismissal. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from completing your Trial objectives, you may request an extension by contacting the ESO Recruitment Officer (@Docss). If your application is declined and you want to try again, you can reapply two weeks from the date your application was declined. To get an in-game invite (if you haven't received one already), please contact one of the ESO officers or once connected to our discord, ask in ESO general channel. You can also post your ESO login name in the chatbox on our forums, RoH's ESO discord channel or message an officer. Here's an example of what your ESO login name looks like: @Docss We need to know this because your RoH forum name may be different than your ESO login. Division Commander: @markquikey Roleplay/Social Officer: @AndrasteKer Recruitment Officer: @Docss Trials Officer: @Josie PvP Officer: @Medinari (She/Her) PvE Officer: @TopherTwice Fashion Craft Officer:: @Vale_0785 Join us in Discord! Remnants of Hope utilizes Discord as our official VOIP. Discord is our default platform, where general text and voice chat occurs. We use a dark mode color scheme with accessible colors for our low-vision and color-deficient members. Using light mode will render member names invisible. Discords serves as a server where we record Stage 3 Trial Interviews as well as host Community Meetings. We have integration from the forums to Discord so that it will automatically synchronize the permissions for your RoH rank. So please follow the instructions linked above to join! Read the Discord FAQ. ESO Recruitment Assistants: @K'lon (they/them) -- @Lazyhaze22 -- @MaggerWagger
  5. Hi @Sinestra, We appreciate that you've chosen RoH and thank you for taking the time to complete an application. As we do our voting thing, relax and enjoy the reads as folks from all six of our divisions stop in to say hi. It's just something we do to welcome applicants. I really enjoyed reading your application. Thank you for taking time to consider each question. Welcome. I believe you will not find abusive situation within RoH. I can also assure you that we have the structure in place to deal with those situations should they occur. If you ever encounter that behavior here, please speak with an officer (your choice) and report it so it can be dealt with in accordance with our code of conduct guidelines. What I love about being in RoH is the camaraderie. I have witnessed multiple examples of our very best players dropping their plans for the evening to help new players pursue gear, or master some aspect of the game that was beyond their skills. I've watched players new to the game develop into trial members. What we have here is a pretty amazing group of good people who exhibit that daily. What we don't have here is an expectation placed on anyone to HAVE to participate. We are large enough that help is always at the ready and eagerly offered. We are also large enough that no one HAS to join when they would prefer to have a quieter evening. In my late teens and early twenties, music was how I made a living - dreams of being a rock star and all. Then, family, job, house, obligations all caused music to be but a distant echo. Now, I only wish I owned then what I have here, now. I am again thoroughly enjoying accumulating various VST instruments and effects (Kontakt, Arturia, EastWest, Spitfire, Izotope, et. al.) and am enjoying creating and producing. I'd like to say that today's technology makes creating easier. But in truth, creating has always come easy. Today's technology only makes access to new voices easier. Congratulations for both enjoying music and for pursuing finding your voice within it. My son introduced me to WOW in 2006. It took 6 months of prodding before I joined. It was my first ever MMORPG. 32,800 hours invested - lovingly. I loved being part of the community. I teared up at the AV productions launched with each new expansion. Then I saw the Cosby room image and it was a gut punch. That, along with all the other revelations, the greed... it was not something with which I could associate anymore. So, I am here now. This game, this guild, making a positive difference for others. Welcome. @Docss
  6. Hello @Sinestra, Thank you for applying to RoH! I'm part of the ESO Recruitment Department. We are processing your application and ask that you please be patient with us. So sit tight, it can take up to 24 hours to process your application. We will notify you here with updates on your application and trial membership. In the meantime, members of our community will be stopping by to say hello or ask questions. So please make sure to keep an eye on your application thread! Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the ESO Recruitment Department. Recruitment Officer -- @Docss Recruitment Assistants -- @K'lon (they/them) -- @Lazyhaze22 -- @MaggerWagger The ESO Recruitment Department
  7. I happened to see that it is your birthday, hope you have an excellent one!!

    1. Docss


      Thank you very much.  😃

  8. Happy birthday!

    1. Docss


      Thank you!  😀

  9. I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!

    1. Docss


      Thank you very much.  ❤️

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday Docss - so glad you are a part of RoH - very lucky you found us and appreciate all you do!


    bill and ted film GIF

  11. Beautiful sets, brilliant lighting, inspiring music, thunderous drums, amazing acrobatics! What's not to like?
  12. Docss

    Fashion and Conquest!


    This event was so much fun last week. I'll be there!
  13. Well, with a lot of patient help from MadHatter, I finally made it into the guild and onto Discord.  Thank you.


    I also enjoyed my first night of gaming with the guild.  We (Elisar & Elsa) did a public dungeon I was stuck on and then we joined Deinochus and did a Delve and an event daily.  This was the first time I've been able to focus on healing (instead of running for my life every few moments).  How much nicer the game is with friends. 


    Thank you,


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