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    Eucalypta Lefey, Eucaa, Mist Adept Eucaa, Poppy Rose, Romy Catclaw, Mimi Ticklewhiskers, Eucalily
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  1. Happy Birthday, Eucaa! 🥳🎂🎁 Hope it was a wonderful day!

    1. Eucaa


      It was, thank you! Due to COVID, I have been celebrating it spread out over several days. Plus I had some shoots in between as well. 🙈 

      I've been quite the extreme busy bee 😋 

  2. Hey there! :D

    So I was telling you about the surname of my main character and that, lore wise, you might be interested in its decent?

    Well, I concider my main to be of old Ascalonian decent.
    She is a great great grand daughter of Toby Lefey, who is bound to this quest of Guild Wars Prophecies:

    Thought I could appreciate the info ^^

    1. Spellslinger


      Wow, I completely forgot about this quest! I absolutely love the tie-in you did to the original Guild Wars lore. And the fact that her surname fits your whole "eucalyptus/leaf" motif too makes it soooo much better! This is just so clever...thank you so much for sharing with me! 🥰 Really enjoyed having you observe our RP event today as well. If you feel comfortable joining in sometime, we'd absolutely honored to have Toby Lefey's descendant in our midst! 😁

    2. Eucaa


      Thank you! :D

      I did really enjoy observing ^^. 
      So if I am available and RP is on, I'd would like to join  :)

    3. Spellslinger


      Aww great, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed watching us! 😁 RP is on for this Sunday at 2 PM ET if you happen to be available. I'll be making more announcements in Discord and on the forums as we get closer, too! We'd love to have you there! 🥳

  3. I have never encountered this in any of my previous guilds, but I've really enjoyed doing some story parts in the  GW2 Living Story events with RoH-mies. ^^


    It's fun to help people out and FINALLY have a good reason to get some of those extra achievements!

    Many thanks to @Barandar for his guidance ❤️

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