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  1. NeveahScottis

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 2

    Can bring heals or damage. Will also try to look for a good farming spot.
  2. NeveahScottis

    [PVE-Pub] Veteran Flashpoints

    I might be available if you need a back up (DD, Tank, or Healer). Just ping me on Discord or whatever.
  3. NeveahScottis

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt

    Of course I'll be there!
  4. until

    I can be Healer or Tank.
  5. NeveahScottis

    [PvE-Pub] Uprisings


    I'll have my Healer ready. Not sure about DPS or Tank, but I am almost there. EDIT: I'll have my Tank ready by then.
  6. until

    Heals (Seer Sage)
  7. NeveahScottis

    [PvE-Pub] Uprisings


    <- Healer
  8. until

    I signed up as a mDPS, but I can now bring a healer for backup if need be.
  9. until

    I can bring a healer.
  10. NeveahScottis



    Meesa Heala
  11. until

    Melee DPS if room is available.
  12. NeveahScottis

    [PVE-Pub] Uprisings 2

    I can bring Heals.
  13. until

    I don't have a Damage Dealer on Pubside, sorry.
  14. NeveahScottis

    [PVP-BOTH] Ranked


    I currently can offer my Seer Sage on Pubside if desired. EDIT: And an Annihilation Marauder on Impside.
  15. NeveahScottis



    I can bring heals.