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  1. until

    extra dps
  2. until

    i wont make it this week I had something come up see you next week. Sorry that its such a late notice.
  3. until

    Not enough lightning the last run
  4. until

    DPS!!! Let me know what you need
  5. until

    Uggg so tempted to try but i just dont know if i have the experiance to do vet mode i have only run through story mode once
  6. until

    Got mdps and reps what ever u need as long as it's dps
  7. until

    Going with a either flame or stabby stabby dps
  8. until

    Short range or long range what ever you need
  9. until

    Prepared to light things on fire dps
  10. until

    Going with the fire this week mdps
  11. until

    Going with the stabby stabby maybe for the last time for a while
  12. until

    Stabby stabby dps
  13. until

    The short range dps
  14. until

    Like always that sweet sweet short range dps of well almost doom?
  15. until

    stabby stabby dps
  16. until

    I can short range dps or short range dps both will be poor
  17. until

    Ill be bringing that sweet sweet short range dps either BH or Marauder
  18. until

    dont know if i have a character ready but im interested
  19. until

    Back again with my two lightsabers and a prayer
  20. until

    all in for close up and personal dps just watch the lightning this time my hair was a little crispy after the last couple runs
  21. until

    DPS close up and personal like
  22. until

    DPS sith marauder
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