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  1. HimikoIsMagic

    Friday Night SMOPS


    Hi! This will be my first ever operation if I fit in with the group comp and what not. I have a 75 Serenity Shadow, so mDPS for me. Thanks, and if there is anything special I should know going into this that a newbie would need to know, I'd love to hear it.
  2. I absolutely love this city. My partner and I are trying to stay here forever, but there is one military move this year standing in our way. Desperately trying to not leave!
  3. until

    Hi! I am still very new to the game overall and I have never done anything like this in this game. I'd love to try. I can join with a serenity shadow dps if you still need it
  4. Hi everyone! I know that it is a bit late to submit something for the year, since this year is 25% over, but I am working on some biking challenges. 1) In a month I am aiming to ride my Peloton for 12 hours. 2) I would like to ride my road bike from El Paso, TX to Santa Fe, NM. 3) MAAAAAAAYBE I can get in shape by the end of the year to do a 24 hour ride on my Peloton. Not sure if I will be able to fit this in my schedule though. I am glad to see some other Peloton users in here. My name is "HimikoIsMagic" on that app in case anyone wants to follow or share user ID's. BTW, if anyone has any questions or advice about fitness, my spouse is a medical provider and we have both been relatively active for a long time. Neither of us are kinesiologists or dieticians, but we know a few things and have access to other health care professionals that may be able to answer the question. I'd love to help. Feel free to message me! Cheers