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  1. TopherTwice

    Dungeon Mayhem

    Join your fellow guildies as we take on all the dungeons of Tamriel. Sign ups go up and you get paired with other guild members to do dungeons of your choosing. Check out discord for the sign up! *Level 10 required
  2. TopherTwice

    Shield Thanes Prog Group

    Trial Progression with Mark!
  3. TopherTwice

    Zone Exploration

    Each week you will team up with @wgui2021 and clear a predetermined zone of all its objectives. Work together to earn yourself a shiny new clothing dye by completing the zone exploration achievement!! Be sure to vote on which zone in Discord!
  4. TopherTwice

    Skill Point Run

    Need more skill points but finding it hard to get the Public Dungeons completed? Join a group of us as we go from Public Dungeon to Public Dungeon, collecting Skyshards and the Group Event Skill Point! The event is usually split into non-DLC areas and DLC areas on different weekends, so watch the posting to find out which is which. We will also be doing places like Cyrodiil and Craglorn to get those skyshards. Be sure to check Discord to know what areas we will be doing!
  5. TopherTwice

    The Weekly Daily

    Join Tiwe while he takes on tasks from Bolgrul of the Undaunted, Alvur Baren of the Mages Guild and Cardea Gallus of the Fighters Guild. Time permitting take on a few zone dailies!
  6. TopherTwice

    Charity Operations


    I am VERY excited for this!!
  7. TopherTwice

    Charity Operations


    That is why the lovely @Skystais going to lead the operation and do all the explaining!
  8. TopherTwice

    Charity Operations


    Mind if I put you in as a tank?
  9. TopherTwice

    Charity Operations


    Great question, Republic side! mind if I put you as heals!?
  10. TopherTwice

    Charity Operations

    On Saturday December 11th we will be running 8 man story mode Operations. This will coincide with my charity stream (more info). We will be doing as many operations as we have time for. This is a bit of a trip down memory lane for me! It will be a very chill event. *NOTE* The whole thing will be streamed on Twitch! I am thinking we do Eternity Vault and if we have time Karraga's Palace. For the Republic! Raid Lead: @Skysta Tank: @Dch765 Tank: @Skysta Heals: @Dexstar Heals: @RockosGamingStrife DPS: @TopherTwice DPS: @msteiner12 DPS: @SirDerenTheNoob DPS: @Darth Gumby
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