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  1. endofgreed

    Triple D


    @K'lon More DRAGONS! =P
  2. endofgreed

    Cyrodiil Siege


    Will be There Cant Wait !!!
  3. Thanks for the Greetings and all the info @Snicket Ill make sure to make good use of it ! also ill try and gear up to help you guys slap the next expansions content 😃 

  4. Thanks for the info @Circe 🤩 ! Also @Vale_0785 and @sabertooth have been Amazing in helping me craft gear ! Wanted to let you know that you have great people in your team ! Sending much love 😃

    1. Circe


      Thanks for this! It's always nice to hear good things about these good people. :D I'm glad they did a great job getting you set up. :)