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  1. until

    I would love to dps this one. I have never done this one on imperial side before
  2. Leia

    (Op-Pub) Morning Smops Dxun


    I would love to join in on your last raid tomorrow morning but I cant because of class. Could I sit in and watch tomorrow morning to support you guys?
  3. until

  4. Leia

    [Op-Pub] Morning Smops The Ravagers


    May I tank please?
  5. until

    May I Melee DPS please?
  6. Leia

    [Op-Pub] Morning Smops Dead Palace


    May I tank please?
  7. until

    May I please Melee DPs
  8. until

    Melee Dps
  9. until

    May I please tank for this event
  10. until

    May I please Dps?
  11. until

    My brothers birthday is tomorrow as well. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I will also wish you a good birthday tomorrow on your birthday.
  12. until

    May I tank Friday please?
  13. until

    May I DPS this please?
  14. until

    Can I tank please?
  15. until

    Can I tank please?
  16. until

    I can off tank or Dps or heals
  17. Leia

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    I can tank for you @Skysta
  18. until

    I can backup tank or heal if you need me
  19. until

    I would love to tank. Looking forward to Friday. @Dochabi
  20. Leia

    VMOPs Dread Palace


    I can tank or DPS. Whichever is fine.
  21. So are we just completing differnet flash points?
  22. Leia

    [PVE-Pub] Datacron Hunt


    This sounds like a lot of fun I am in
  23. until

    I will be able to make this event. Yay!! I would love to tank this. @Dochabi
  24. until

    Tank please. @Dochabi
  25. until

    I would like to be the off tank. Toon name is Kitearie Baker. @Dochabi
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