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  1. I got an invite for my level 75 sniper Virulence 306 augmented set bonus.  will be making a Sorc Corruption and Madness.

  2. My facbook account still wont link with this forum.  Is there a reason why?  Something I should be doing that I'm not?  It just says that the administrator is not allow access to this site.

  3. I'm really looking forward to playing on SF...  I've been on SS for years now, but this server seems to be more active in almost every area.  So, as of now I have one new character, and one I transfered over with the help of a good friend.  One max level character with all the 306 set bonus and about 20mil in credits should be enough to get me started.


    swtorista has been a juge influence on my swtor gaming-life.  so much great information from a great personality.  I look forward to one day being able to play a few FPs or even an operation with her.

  4. i really need to add my main character I transfered to this server.  i doubt i'm playing on Copê that much.  News character name C'opê.  thanks