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  1. Eclipse

    GW2 Fractal Night!


    Thanks for the shoutout @Trevuori! I will definitely keep that in mind, now that so many people have mentioned it. Good day Eclipse.
  2. Being a trial member, and a newbie at the game on top of that, I really don't have much to post on the forums. Or even if I have, they're not topic-worthy or discussion-worthy views, so I'll utilise this status feed. Pretty convenient for my purpose, I must say. 

    So, today I unlocked PvP and its mechanisms, I discovered, were different. GW2 is my first ever MMORPG and PvPs never were my cup of cappuccino. I do not know how many might agree, but I find in-game players scary. They somehow always outsmart/seem to know more than me, and then I end up becoming overwhelmed. 

    Overwhelmed = mess up the game = DAMAGE

    I died so many times today, hopefully it shall be better for me tomorrow--


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    2. Eclipse


      @Princess I appreciate the concern. 

      I can't say if I can make it on daily basis, but whenever I play it is after 14:30 IST and/or after 22:00 IST. I apologise in advance if my uncanny timings cause any inconvenience, and also, thanks a lot for offering your help! I will be grateful to learn more~^^

      Have a superb day ahead,


    3. Princess


      Looks like those are mornings for me! Thurs-Sun we might be able to do something 😄 I have morning classes Mon-Wed

    4. Eclipse


      I'll keep that in mind. See you later in-game! [^_-]

  3. Trial Objectives: (7/9)

    [x] Join the guild in game. 

    [x] Join Discord. 

    [x] -Link your Discord account with your Forum Account

    [x] -Sign up for notifications for departments you're interested in

    [x] Set a forum avatar.

    [x] Make 10 posts on the forums. These can be replies OR new topics. (10/10)

    [x] Post an introduction in your application thread. We would love to get to know you better!

    [x] Read and sign our Rules and Regulations thread.

    [] Participate in 2 events.

    [] -A scheduled event OR any activity in game with two other [RoH] members such as fractals, dungeons, map completion.

    [] -Please take a screenshot of the activity and post to this application.


  4. Eclipse

    GW2 Fractal Night!


    I want to know as well. The timings suck for me, but first I need to know whether or not I am eligible to participate. Sorry for the ping, but I am just mentioning people who responded to my application form: @Annamika @Kingston @X3rce5 1) How do I sign up for events such as these? 2) Does my level affect my participation eligibility? 3) If I am eligible, ready to join and equipped for missions, but the timings won't work for me, then what am I supposed to do? Thank you Eclipse.
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