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    Star Wars, Halo, DND and board games. I also like VR

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    Irisiene, Iskadark, Sirenise, Keranium and Colorenshi
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Hi, my name is Marshall I am 14 and started playing SWTOR a year ago, I recently subscribed after attending Swtorista's birthday party (it was super fun I stayed the whole day). My subscription ends on the 2end of May so if you think there is something I should do before I go preferred to let me know. I love doing Flashpoints and story mode and hope to learn more about the game on the way, my favourite Star Wars show is the clone wars, and I am super excited for bad batch and my favourite movie is either revenge of the Sith or attack of the clones, but I do also like the stories like rogue one. I have played Battlefront 2 and most of Jedi FO. For more on my real life, I took 2 years of private JavaScript courses, but I am not an expert so please do not ask me to make some crazy thing for you because I cannot. Other than Star Wars I love halo, but I do not pay for the online. I have already done some PVE with the guild around 3 times and I had the best time, it is great to have people to play SWTOR with because it is the thing, I struggle with the most, I also hope to be able to try RP someday with RoH and maybe get good enough to lead a group but that would not be for a couple of years, I hope to be able to become a full member and thank you for letting me try.