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  1. until

    Heal or DPS!
  2. until

    Healz preferred, but can rDPS.
  3. until

    I'll be on, so if it goes 16 I'll be there!
  4. until

    Hey @Slyfox Can you bow me out in favor of someone else? I'm going to go Monday with Dal and don't want to hog all the spot! Thanks!
  5. until

    I would like to heal, but can rDPS too.
  6. until

    I’d like to heal, please.
  7. until

    I’d like to heal or DPS plz.
  8. until

    Healz or rDPS plzkthx
  9. until

    Heal or rDPS plz!
  10. until

    Healz or rDPS.
  11. until

    I got a tank ready to go! I'm in.
  12. until

    Backup heals or DPS.
  13. until

    DPS or healz please.
  14. until

    I would like to heal or rDPS
  15. until

    Hey @Aldo Hanso you can have my DPS spot if you want.
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