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  1. Remm

    [RP-PUB] Story RP


    I will try to make it to this event. I am interested in seeing the storyline that will be run.
  2. Just wanted to say Hello.  I am on my two week trial period.  I currently have 8  75th level characters which I am slowly but surely getting through the class story currently on Belsavis.  But while I am working through the class stories I am working on the Onslaught crafting.  All of the characters are in the Onslaught crafting and are even slower than the class stories I am working my way to 306 crafting.  I am currently working on outfitting my Scrapper character and I have several items up to 292 level.  My end goal is to be able to outfit all my characters.  I am not asking for help just letting you know that eventually I will be able to craft for other members in the distant future...lol.  Thanks for listening to me ramble.  Thought it might be important to identify myself as a crafter.

    1. Slyfox


      Awesome work!  I haven't even got my crafting all done to make 306 gear.  It's long and hard process.  I found it's easier to gear through flashpoints and Operations then crafting so didn't work so hard at it.  But it is something to do if you like crafting, I have worked on it some.  Good luck with your trial and if you ever have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask.

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