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  1. TallinCorsair

    Gree World Bosses


    Count me in! mDPS unless something else is needed (sorry, can't do heals)
  2. until

    dps please
  3. until

    i can tank or dps...whatever's needed
  4. until

    i'm in for dps or off-tank....whatever ya' need.
  5. until

    Throw me in for dps or secondary tank
  6. until

    Count me in! dps preferred
  7. TallinCorsair



    If you go for 16, I'll be in....dps preferred. Thanks!
  8. until

    i'm in...dps preferred
  9. until

    Looks like I'm gonna have to duck out....real life getting in the way of gaming! grrr.... so @silentso1dier, you're welcome to take my spot. sorry @Slyfox ....definitely gonna try for next week
  10. until

    DPS for me please!
  11. until

    i can do dps or off tank....prefer dps if possible.
  12. until

    i'll pull secondary tank duty, or if you'd prefer, i can dps as well.
  13. until

    rDPS for me!
  14. until

    i could try backup tank. have only tried once in an op, but its story mode...so who knows! otherwise, the rest of my toons would be some form of dps
  15. until

    dps for 16-man too!
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