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  1. until

    Hey, looks like i'm getting pulled into a work emergency this morning. @Vorn go ahead and take my spot. Good luck and have fun all!
  2. until

    dps or tank please
  3. until

    dps if possible...if not, i could probably tank
  4. until

    i'll put myself as a maybe...depends on how long my son's hockey game goes. if it's long, i won't be back on time. role would be dps. hope to see y'all tonight!
  5. until

    Happy to add a dps if you need one.
  6. until

    i'm in...dps preferred, but can help tank as well...
  7. until

    tank or dps...either is ok by me
  8. until

    I can jump in with DPS if you run 16...
  9. until

    I can jump in...dps or tank please
  10. until

    Tank or DPS, whichever you need.
  11. until

    Backup tank or dps works for me!
  12. until

    backup tank or dps, whichever you need
  13. until

    looks like second tank is open...i'm in.
  14. until

    dps or off-tank, whichever you need
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