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  1. until

    i'll pull secondary tank duty, or if you'd prefer, i can dps as well.
  2. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS for me!
  3. until

    i could try backup tank. have only tried once in an op, but its story mode...so who knows! otherwise, the rest of my toons would be some form of dps
  4. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    dps for 16-man too!
  5. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    dps (m or r) if we crank it up to 16!!
  6. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-PUB] Xenoanalyst Run

    same...second run or 16 man, i'm in!
  7. until

    rDPS, but I'm a maybe at this point. #FingersCrossed
  8. TallinCorsair

    (Op-Pub) Morning Smops Dxun


    I'll take a rDPS slot as well, thanks!
  9. until

    I'm in for rDPS. Thanks!
  10. until

    I can jump on if it goes to 16 too. DPS preferred...
  11. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    I can be a backup, or if it goes to 16, count me in for a dps role.
  12. until

    DPS please (ranged or melee, either is ok)
  13. until

    I'm in for DPS. Thx!
  14. until

    rdps if that works…thx!
  15. TallinCorsair

    [PVE-Pub] World Bosses


    I'll bring DPS (melee or ranged doesn't matter...)
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