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    Kidneythieves is my main, but most names are variations of the name Kidneythief
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    Slap on anything with a Star Wars label, and I am down to drop $59.99 plus tax on it.

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  1. until

    I’d like to give a vet op a try! Got all requirements, just not sure mechanic wise since I don’t know these Ops. If you’re willing to briefly explain the Op each boss, then I’m down! If that’s gunna slow it up, no worries I can stick to story. Just wanted to challenge myself rDps please!
  2. until

    Missed signing up this week, but if you need a extra dps or heals, just pm me on discord
  3. until

    Heals or rDPS! Can’t wait.
  4. until

    Heals or rDPS
  5. until

    Probably mDPS or tank if that’s okay?
  6. until

    rDPS or Heals! I have a personal vendetta against this Op. It was my first Op ever, and we got stuck! I WILL OVERCOME.
  7. until

    Heals or rDPS! I’m geared on both now, so either!
  8. until

    rDPS please! So close to 306...I am 292 so I am looking to really work on mechanics. Thanks for always teaching @Dalivandrian! It's great to learn.
  9. until

    dps please, I think I missed last week's event but wasn't sure if it happened!
  10. until

    rDPS please!
  11. until

    If a rDPS is open, love to join! Hoping my internet doesn't go poo-poo again....I reset it all and set my computer to the 5G wifi and maximized performance to gaming. So, let's see...lol See you Monday evening!
  12. until

    I can bring heals, as this may be good practice in a lesser stress situation!
  13. until

    I know last time I was able to hop on, but I am pretty dedicated to beat this Op. Alhough, not sure if that was story or vet. lol It was a tough one, mechanically, especially for my first one xD I'm down as a maybe to perhaps fill in if you guys need an extra rDPS. If not, no biggie. Looking forward to watching a stream! Ahhh, disregard. Dont meet the gear requirements! I will get there!
  14. until

    Sign me up! Only 75 toon I have is rDPS sniper. So, if @Tibault doesn’t mind being heals, I can take rDPS spot!
  15. Kidneythief

    [PVE-IMP] The Slayers


    I’d love to join, but I believe this is 8pm EST, right?
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