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    Kidneythieves is my main, but most names are variations of the name Kidneythief
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    Slap on anything with a Star Wars label, and I am down to drop $59.99 plus tax on it.

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  1. until

    dps please, I think I missed last week's event but wasn't sure if it happened!
  2. until

    rDPS please!
  3. until

    If a rDPS is open, love to join! Hoping my internet doesn't go poo-poo again....I reset it all and set my computer to the 5G wifi and maximized performance to gaming. So, let's See you Monday evening!
  4. until

    I can bring heals, as this may be good practice in a lesser stress situation!
  5. until

    I know last time I was able to hop on, but I am pretty dedicated to beat this Op. Alhough, not sure if that was story or vet. lol It was a tough one, mechanically, especially for my first one xD I'm down as a maybe to perhaps fill in if you guys need an extra rDPS. If not, no biggie. Looking forward to watching a stream! Ahhh, disregard. Dont meet the gear requirements! I will get there!
  6. until

    Sign me up! Only 75 toon I have is rDPS sniper. So, if @Tibault doesn’t mind being heals, I can take rDPS spot!
  7. Kidneythief

    [PVE-IMP] The Slayers


    I’d love to join, but I believe this is 8pm EST, right?