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  1. Art3missed

    Normal Raid Team

    Min ilvl of 200, come join our Normal raid team as they destroy Sanctum of Domination in one night. Lead by leadership and our Heroic raid team, this event is ideal for members that are new to raiding or veterans. Ideal for gaining raid gear and shards of domination that are required to join the Heroic raid events. If you have any questions feel free to message Art3mis#11192 or drop a message in the WoW-PVE section of Discord.
  2. Art3missed

    WoW Raid Night

    The WoW PVE division presents Raid Night - before signing up please respond to Hallack's post with your character information and be prepared to commit to the team. Minimum ilvl to start raiding is 200, wipes are to be expected!
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